Maurice Rubio visits Cholame, California

Maurice Rubio visits Cholame, California

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A Cholame Update
from Maurice Rubio in California!

Hi, Sandra, Here are the pics that I took of the James Dean Memorial
and of the surrounding area when my wife and I went through there in Feb 2008.

I hope you and your fans enjoy these.  My wife and I stopped at Jack’s Ranch
on the way up to Pismo Beach, and the food was delicious.  Prices were very
comparable to any other American style diner/cafe.  I think I ordered about
the most expensive thing on the menu, and that was a special Rib Eye steak
plate for about $19.

The cafe walls are covered with James Dean Posters and
they have a full shelf of James Dean memorabilia for purchase.  As a thank
you gift for my mother for watching my kids, I got her a very nice James
Dean photo book and a copy of a speeding citation that James Dean had gotten
earlier that day by a California Highway Patrol officer on Freeway 99. 

 If you ever decide to visit us here in  California,  the weather around
 the time of the accident memorial, Sept. 30, is usually quite nice,
although some years the summer heat lingers around
longer than usual.   For the most part that late in the afternoon is pretty
nice, hence the reason that James wanted to drive his car that afternoon.

I heard that there is a huge gathering around there on the crash memorial
date.   You are more than welcome to post any part of this email or
pics on your website.  If anyone would like more info about the area they are
more than welcome to email me.

Pic 10  is looking east from the memorial.

 Pic 9  is looking south/west from the memorial.  If you notice the sun
 coming from the right and HWY 46 heading westbound is facing the sun.

 Pic 8  is two large inscriptions that describe various things about James
 Dean.  I would need some paper and a large crayon to be able to lay the
 paper over and copy the raised letters with a crayon.  It was too much to
 write and wasn’t very visible in the pics that I took of it.

Pic 7  This inscription is at the foot of the memorial, off on the right
side of it. According to the writer, the quote within the inscription was
James Dean’s favorite and he used it often.

Pic 6   This is a close up of the memorial itself.

Pic 5  This is HWY 46 facing west from the crash site.  To the far left you
can see a little speck of a building, that is Jack’s Ranch Cafe.

This sign is posted at the actual intersection of HWY 46 and HWY 41.

Pic 3  This pic is about 150 yards east of the current HWY 46 and HWY 41
intersection.  You can see HWY 41 heading North/East to the left of the pic
and, HWY 46 heading East to the right of the pic.

Pic 2  This is a close up of the intersection, Hwy 46 heading East is in the

Pic 1  is from a bit further back looking a the intersection on the right
 and HWY 41 heading North/East off to the left.

Thanks, for this fine update and for taking time to sent it, Maurice!

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