Lyrics for favorite songs

Lyrics for favorite songs

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Lyrics I’ve always wanted to know

   Get Out of Denver

Get Out of Denver by Bob Seger, the hardest words to understand except for Joe Cocker singing Delta Lady. Here are the lyrics as remembered by Seger fan website maker Scott Sparling, email

I once saw a song sheet for Denver, but it was years ago, so this is by ear:

I still remember it was autumn and the moon was shining

Our ’60 Cadillac was rolling through Nebraska whining

Doing 120, man them fields was bending over

Heading out for the mountains knowing we was traveling further

All the fires were blazing and the spinning wheel was turning, turning

Had my girl beside me, Brother, brother she was burning burning

I walked in back(?) this preachin’ southern funky school teacher

She had a line on something, yeah man, but we couldn’t reach her

We told her that we needed something that would get us going

She put out all she had and laid it on the counter showing

All I had to do was lay my money down and pick it up,

The cops came busting in and then we lit out in a pickup truck, and go —

Well, red lights were flashing and the sirens were a’screamin’, screamin’,

We had to pinch each other just to see if we was dreamin’

Made it to Loveland Pass in no no less than half an hour

Lord it started raining and it turned into a thunder shower.

The rain was driving but the Caddy kept on burning rubber

We kept on driving til we ran into some fog cover

We couldn’t see a thing but somehow we just kept on going

We kept on driving all night long and then into the morning

Fog it finally lifted, when we looked to see where we was at,

We were staring at a Colorado State Policeman trooper cat, and go —

— Well, I’m sure a couple of words are wrong, but that’s the basics. Ummm. Scott, there’s a chorus that goes ***something*** like

Go, get outta Denver baby, go, go, go, Get out of Denver cause you look just like a Commie and you might just be an agitator (elevator??), Get out of Denver baby, get out of Denver…..

(I think. Sandra.) Did you come here from my music magazine

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