Lenny’s 2K James Dean trivia contest

Lenny’s 2K James Dean trivia contest

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The Jeopardy-Style Dean-based Trivia Contest of 2000

Part One: the contest itself

Part Two: the rest of the fans, on another page.

Because of other commitments, the Jeopardy-style contest was the only event I could attend for Fan Week 2000. Look for new Dean material after Fairmount Museum Days, 2000. Everyone was encouraged to take the preliminary test, which was different from the one used in the past two years. Mark Kinnaman, returning champion of 1998, scored highest, with Scott Purdy from Illinois and Cristy Pulley Berry completing the panel. Maxine Rowland again turned down her place on the panel. We would love to see her say yes! Phil Ziegler also passed on his chance to compete.

Excitement ran very high again this year. Mark was determined to win back the title. Del Ray, the 1999 champion, didn’t come to the contest this year, so Mark didn’t know who his competition would be. All we knew for certain is that Mark still can’t spell!

First round categories included spelling, authors of Dean books, songs about James Dean, the cast of Rebel Without a Cause, and questions on The James Dean Story. Lenny and Adam ran the contest, while David wanted to stay in the background. He said this is Lenny’s event. Well, it’s David’s weekend! I made him pose.

Second round categories included Directors, famous James Dean fans, T.V. sponsors, Dean’s Dames (respectfully!), and "Teachers and Mentors." Who taught Jimmy to drive? Whose book will be published on September 22? (Liz Sheridan’s book!) Here is the audience reaction to the toughness of the categories:

The panel is stunned when hit with the category on who sponsored which TV show. Fortunately, they knew not to guess, so it didn’t do any damage to their chance of winning. Mark Kinnaman did know about Campbell’s soup.

It was a breeze to name the famous fans. We all sent good wishes to Pamela Des Barres, Bob Rees in Texas, and lo, there was Fan Club President Magdalen Leonardo herself in the audience, as well as Maxine Rowland and Phil Ziegler. (See next page.)

Thoroughly irked at himself, Scott can’t believe the difficulty of some of the questions. None of us could! Lenny outdid himself this year. Terrific entertainment!

Mark Kinnaman at the moment of victory! He will be walking on air all year. Mark is as devoted a fan as ever walked this earth.

Now click on to Part Two: the rest of the James Dean contest’s fans

Mark Kinnaman can always be reached through his fine website made by yours truly.

Lenny has decided to publish the questions in a couple of places after all. We may put some on here, on-line, but I believe the James Dean Remembered Fan Club will have them in their newsletter. Have you joined yet? Jake Wheat is hosting the entire fan club website for James Dean Remembered. You can join from that site!

This was the only event I could attend for Fan Week 2000. For the full weekend coverage, please visit Fan Weekend 1999 or Jake Wheat’s site. More about Liz Sheridan’s new Dean book

You can’t go wrong with Christy and Bob Berry’s Daddy-O’S gear and memorabilia. Mark Kinnaman attests "this is the highest quality merchandise I have ever found." Christy’s dad is Bob Pulley, James Dean’s friend in high school. They are the nicest couple you could ever meet, and heavily into Swing and the 50’s.

Bob Rees in Katy, Texas (near Dallas) provides rare videos and much more at his website for James Dean

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