Kittens and Cats at 1998’s Rockabilly Rebel Weekend (1998)

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More people Otto forced to pose

Tracey Gray from Windsor with Josh Hainer from Goose Creek, South Carolina. He came up with his sister. They had fun clothes.

Looks like Clint, who now barbers next door to the theatre, at Michaels, but it isn’t Clint, someone wrote us.

Bet you he plays with Big Sandy and isn’t she one of the three glamorous women from Atlanta who had the terrific clothing and accessories booth?

Heather had a handy addition to her wardrobe, called by many names, but "dance pants" is one. Consider this purchase, kittens. It saves me time with the graphics program when I’m getting your pictures ready for the world wide web!

In case her dad reads this, this is anonymous. She did get the most comments from the bands on stage, Saturday night. Bravest costume of the weekend award to this Missouri lady, unless her dad reads this, in which case she is Vivian from Vermont, or Willow from Washington. Weekenders should be fun!!

If anyone knows who this man in the flame shirt and shoes is, please write in. I have a reader who wants to know, for he looks like an old friend.

Tracey with Gino Pignatelli, also from Windsor. Good shoes!

Thaks to Ultra-kitten Lisa Dutcher for the names, Sue Ann Funk (Fort Wayne, IN) dancing with Little Larry from Chicago. I could make a whole page of Sue Ann dancing. She has great outfits and never comes without one. Umm, I mean she always wears in vintage clothes.

There is a late 1998 rumor that Sue Ann married a musician from Tennessee named John Hartman, not the Fort Wayne Jon Hartman whose band is named Fat Ass.

I don’t know for sure. Gypsy got married too, and get this, he met his bride on-line! I heard Jody Kunkle is going to be married at the Las Vegas Rockabilly event in February 1999. All happiness to them all, braving matrimony in these unsettled, tentative times!

Tracey with Brett, most likely from Bloomington, Indiana.

Kitty and Keith cut a rug.

Okay, not jeans but a great shot of the DuValls’ Carl Schreiber (Chicago) talking with Jolie Pavlatos, also from Chicago, who wears a great western outfit. Again thaks to Ultra-kitten Lisa Dutcher for Jolie’s name.

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