James Dean’s Headstone

James Dean’s Headstone

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Page first put on-line in September of 1998.

Family Stones

Other family member’s plots are right by James’s site. Winton remarried later in life. Mildred Wilson Dean, James Dean’s mother, is buried in Marion, IN in the large cemetery on the so-called Bypass.

The Outsiders at Park Cemetery

The Outsiders always visit the cemetery and bring the traditional gifts to Jimmy. Here are Jane Rol of Toronto, Scott Imfelt of Rochester NY, John Garces of Muncie IN, Craig Kester, Rochester NY. Lisa Blaney, another Outsider, took the picture.

Photo is copyright 1996 Lisa Blaney. We thank her for sharing.

After the 1997 James Dean Memorial Service, Naomi Yamada placed her Thousand Cranes tribute to Jimmy on the headstone. Nikky Bazooka brought flowers, and you can read more about it on many, myriad, yea even multitudinous ’97 festival pages

Update, 10 July 1998: NAOMI is RETURNING for the 1998 September James Dean Festival!!!! September 12: Naomi has finished the thousandth crane for the 1998 Thousand Cranes! She will arrive in time for Billy Swan’s songs at the James Dean Memorial Gallery open house on Thursday, September 24.

Here’s the stone on Jimmy’s birthday, February 1998. The lipstick kisses don’t show up. There are various gifts along with the flowers, including a copy of Jimmy’s favorite story, The Little Prince. Naomi’s 1000 Cranes with the ribbons are still on the headstone, many of them still as good as new.

Another Fan, Another Season

February 1997. My film wouldn’t load, my hands were blocks of ice, and it seemed that no one was around. It was Jimmy’s birthday in Fairmount, and lonely in Park cemetery. Lantz Geiger was down the road and came to help. He comes to Park Cemetery often, from Fishers, Indiana. Note the flowers by his knee. That’s the big bouquet from WRDI, We Remember Dean International, Silvia Bongiovanni’s excellent fan club. Someone left a piece of birthday cake with a candle on it, and someone else left a Hershey’s kiss. There were lots of flowers, all beautiful. (All silk, because of the weather. Good thinking, fans.)

Lantz is also on the fanweek page of Fans at the Gallery. More photos of this headstone are on the second birthday party page.


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