James Dean’s 75th Birthday Party, Fairmount IN

James Dean’s 75th Birthday Party, Fairmount IN

Updated July14, 2006     URL is www.tentativetimes.net/dean/06bday/index.html


We gathered for the farewell to David Loehr’s Gas City Gallery for James Dean’s 75th birthday party.  Kenneth Kendall hosted the West Coast party in Hollywood, and the rest of us joined David for a last-in-a-lifetime event.  (But in 2007, I hope we have the party again at the Fairmount Lions’ Den.)

Sesu Coleman stands in front, wearing a Lenny shirt.  (Links are below.)

And here we go with the pictures. I made this page for fast connections.  I can make a slow- connection-friendly page, but I will have to make all the pictures so small that you wouldn’t like it.

Jesse and Sue are mainstays of the fan club.  I can’t find my picture of President Pam. 


Mark Kinnaman bids farewell to the exhibit. I am trying to show some of the Gallery in these photos, as well as the fans. Stephen Payne provided the dinner.  Be sure to visit his cafe and his website, linked below.

Colette said the party was just what the doctor prescribed.




    Linda LaVine is a well-loved, productive, loyal fan club member.


Jimmy’s favorite book.

  Have you had your tatt today?  If you came to the party, you will know which fine ladies just got these two fine tattoos in memory of Jimmy.





After we watched James Dean, Born Cool , the powerful documentary, my husband ran to the gift shop to buy a copy. He has seen them all, and deemed this one his absolute favorite.  Buy it from David’s on-line giftshop (www.jamesdeangallery.com)

This fine video DVD 2 disk special edition lists Marcus Winslow as executive producer and Phil Zeigler as associate producer.  It’s about 58inutes long and includes photography by Roy Schatt.  Exclusive interviews with people who knew Jimmy best.  It’s the brainchild of Lydia Modica and Denver Rochon, producer/director Dennis Pietro with music by Nick Moretti. 

The movie gallery remains in the building which is now a convention center and family reunion place owned by Dr. B. D. Patel.  Book your event here for a unique experience. 

NOT MADE YET: Page TWO shows pictures of the Gallery in Gas City, taken the night of the last Dean Birthday Party.

NOT MADE YET: Page THREE shows merchandise available in the Gallery gift shop, now available on-line from David Loehr and for sale at the Auburn Indiana James Dean display at the Kruse Museum complex

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Stephen Payne’s Custard and Coffee

Sesu Coleman’s website

The James Dean Fan Club, James Dean Remembered, has a website here

Older pages about this precious treasure, the Gallery building

Be aware that David Loehr will auction off his James Dean collection on October 6 and 7th, 2006,  in Dallas TX (and on the internet simultaneously I think.)  See David’s website for information.

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