James Dean’s 71st Birthday, Crown Hill Diggers band

James Dean’s 71st Birthday, Crown Hill Diggers band

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James Dean’s 71st Birthday

Party Band: Crown Hill Diggers

We had the best time!  The band had equipment trouble, and it made the evening that much more informal and enjoyable.  We will never, ever, under any circumstances miss a chance to hear the Crown Hill Diggers!  In case you aren’t from around here, Crown Hill is a cemetery in Indianapolis, a very old one, with many famous people resting inside its fence.   These Crown Hill Diggers led off with Switchblade Pompadour…….. The crowd went wild and stayed wild!

  Guitar player’s daughter

Guitar player’s son.

  It’s okay, I’m with the band.

Skin art by Jason Riggs of Indianapolis.

Have I drummed it into you yet? Are you ready to go hear the Crown Hill Diggers?  You can contact them at ———————–  and they have been known to play at various delightful dives in the big city.  (I have misplaced all my notes as I always do, but email me at editor@tentativetimes.net  and I will straighten myself out.  Thanky.

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