James Dean rock lasso contest, 2001

James Dean rock lasso contest, 2001

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2001 James Dean Rock Lasso Contest in Fairmount, IN



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Seemed like we had fewer contestants this year. There were no new people. From left to right, Scott Imfeldt of Rochester, New York, Misty Marrs from the Fairmount area, Craig Kester also from Rochester, Adam Pelletier from Bradley, Illinois, Erika Pearson from San Francisco, Chuck Shuetz from Schertz, Texas.

lineup 2

Misty Marrs    Adam Pelletier

Erica    Chuck SchuetzCraigMisty bows

Misty bows to the first person to ever beat her. But he’ll have a long wait to beat your number of years of winning, Misty. And as we Purdue fans often say, "there’s always NEXT YEAR!"

with trophies

Pleased as punch…. where does that expression come from??

The new war affected the Rock Lasso contest this year. We were to have James Dean’s lassoing coach from Giant here with us. Bob Hinkle had planned a special trophy for a special event he was launching this year. But Bob works for FEMA, so he was unable to leave his duties. Next year that big Texan will be back to teach the young pups and old dogs some new tricks. Until then, enjoy Bob Hinkle on-line. (Link at bottom of page.)

Two winners

Adam Adam’s cheering section as well as his endless hours of practice resulted in two first place trophies. Awesome, and something we never thought we would see. And Misty, you probably lost by less than 2 seconds. See you next year. You go, girl.

Rules of Rock Lasso

Okay people, listen up. These are the rules. You take this rope, see, and tie a rock on one end. You bend way over and throw your arm some strange way and the rock makes a knot in the rope. The contest is to see who can make the most knots in a short length of time, and who can make three knots, untying after each knot, in the least amount of time. Now we take this very, very seriously, so don’t make a sound. Don’t move in their line of vision. Don’t slurp your lemon shakeup. After all, A&E was here filming this for a biography on James Dean. We may not be in the Olympics yet, but we will be some day. There are a million people who couldn’t make their first knot if they tried for a year. Most of us couldn’t tie up a rock either. And if we did, we’d knock out a tooth. This is a specialized sport. It’s a very short contest, with microseconds making a difference. It is AWESOME. All hail our James Dean rock lasso knotters.

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Did you know he was Evel Knievel’s manager at one time? Have you heard him give a speech? You are in for a treat!


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