James Dean Remembered fan gathering, Fairmount IN, May 2007

James Dean Remembered fan gathering, Fairmount IN, May 2007

    Updated July 4, 2007 URL is www.tentativetimes.net/dean/club/gatherp2.html


This new event is not the same as the annual Fan Appreciation Weekend that David Loehr hosts. This is a new event, and both events are open to all.

Marcus Winslow and Phil Zeigler

The brief speaker of the evening was Jim Grindle, who proposed a bronze statue of Jimmy, life-size, to be placed at the Fairmount Historical Museum.  The sculptor involved is Karl  Kendall, no relation to Kenneth Kendall.  The amount needed is either $43,000.00.

To help finance the statue, you can buy a brick with your name on it for $100.00, or put someone else’s name on it, or buy a lot of bricks…  The bricks will be used around he statue. Make your checks to the Fairmount Historical Museum and mark them "for James Dean bronze statue" please!


Pam Crawford and Sue Mohamed put out the news alerts, the magazine, and the latest word. We are totally indebted to them for hours and weeks of work each month.


You can’t pin down Deaners when they feel the need to communicate.  It was like herding cats, I think the expression goes.


Carol and Jessie; Bill Weinhardt

Lenny, though not in a Lenny shirt.


Pam, Phil Zeigler and Linda LeVine, a dedicated fan from South Bend, Indiana.

Larry from Illinois and Mari-Ann O’Malley


Very hard worker for the fan club, Teresita Gonzalez, Illinois.


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