James Dean Night Walk, Fairmount IN, 2001

James Dean Night Walk, Fairmount IN, 2001

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The 2001 James Dean Night Walk in Fairmount, IN

This year, the walk started early, at 7:00 p.m. so that people could leave for home earlier. Mark Kinnaman led the tour. There were no gifts exchanged nor did we get to the funeral home or Playacres Park this year, but we did stop at most of the traditional stops. After you finish this page, you’ll have links to the past years’ Night Walks, so you can find out a great deal more.

And since we never like pictures of ourselves, I have lots of duplicates of the same scene, so you can find one of yourself that you do like…

Our guide, Mark Kinnaman, outside one of our first stops.

On the corner of Main and Washington, in the dark, George Schoen’s mural glows like fire.

This is the former Scott Opera House which Fairmount is trying to save. It’s over the Napa store on Main Street.

By the wall where Jimmy posed

Traditionally you are supposed to go up against the wall here, but this year’s crowd wasn’t as rowdy as in past years.

Daddy-o’s has a store in Fairmount now!


Be sure to shop at Daddy-O’s on line! At last, a place to get a copy of the red windbreaker from Rebel.

The Palace has some murals now! This is where Jimmy went to the movies, upstairs over this historic bar.

Here is the scale Mark Kinnaman was weighed on as he grew up. It’s from the old Driscoll grocery in Fairmount. These days it’s outside the door to the Fairmount Antique Mall on Main Street.

On the steps of the Meeting House where Jimmy’s funeral was held

Really, everyone was having a wonderful time. They just got tired of having to pose.

Outside the Fairmount Historical Museum


From here, we should have all had a good cry and left for home. My chauffeur (husband) whisked me away because he needed to get on home. But some of the Deaners may still be there yet, talking about the Legend of James Dean.

You know by now that my digital camera is challenged by the dark. If we did the nioghtr walk in the daytime, I’d have more photos! We were checked out by the police only once this year, as we padded about, but I didn’t take a photo of that. The most excitement came when we found a residence with a projector showing a large James Dean portrait on their garage door. Most of us had to get our photo taken with this serendipitous treat. Thank you, unknown homeowner, for bringing out the kid in each of us. Also thanks for not shooting us.

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