James Dean Lookalike Contest, 2001

James Dean Lookalike Contest, 2001

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2001 James Dean Lookalike Contest in Fairmount, IN

Champion David Wozniak from Sterling Heights, Michigan wowed the crowd.

Congratulations to David!

Click here to visit his website
So many contestants, all looking like Jimmy!The photos are all in random order. Make your own choices among these candidates:

This contestant is Darin Patrick Griesey from Indianapolis. His website is darinpatrick.com

He spent many years in Hollywood and has come back to the Heartland now.

Pamels DesBarres from Hollywood congratulates popular lookalike winner David Wozniak of Sterling Heights, Michigan. Click here to visit his website

And Miss Pamela’s website is the famous www.electricgypsy.com
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And I apologize for being on-stage during the contest, but there is no other way my camera will work. I have to be close and have a lot of light. You will notice there are few distance shots anywhere in my 5 magazines.
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Logo by U.S. Army veteran Mark Kinnaman, artist to the fans. He has moved to Fairmount, Indiana!! Visit Mark’s Dean, Monroe, rockabilly, hand-painted denim jackets, and personal art website