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James Dean Stamps and Videos Available

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"The postal service is coming out with a new James Dean commemorative stamp. Apparently, you’ll be able to choose whether it’s the young handsome James Dean or the old pork sausage guy." (Conan O’Brien)


  Mark K. Kinnaman, original art and first day covers with Fairmount second day and James Dean Festival special cancellations.

And dawlin’, I made his web page so be sure to admire it! Good luck to Mark!! I’m wearing his hand painted James Dean denim jacket. If you’d like to email Mark, his address ismark@parlorcity.com

  Another Marc, one who lives right in Fairmount, Indiana, has a very nice page for his stamps for sale

  Malagasy James Dean stamps

Videos Are Available

Robert Rees’s Dean Web Site

Rare Videos of James Dean. From 13 of his 50’s TV shows, to foreign documentaries, unaired, un- released, newsclips, tributes, specials, film he shot, and more.

Email R R Rees at mysterease@lconn.com or

Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (with 2 stamps on it) (or foreign send 3 Intl. Reply Coupons) to R. R. Rees at 20806 Park Canyon, Katy, Texas 77450. Please specify your area of interest and he’ll include a memorabilia list too, if you are interested."

I enjoy corresponding with Bob. He is really friendly and interesting, and honest as the day is long. You’ll like his stuff!

Mary Ann Michna’s Videos

    Three James Dean videos are available from Mary Ann Michna, email mmichna@msn.com

Mary Ann Michna

4936 Peony Place

Indianapolis IN 46254

Telephone (317) 291-8148, email mmichna@msn.com

I bought

James Dean Memorial Weekend 1991, Fairmount Indiana, (29 minutes running time, produced by Mary Ann Michna, camera by Randy Starks.) James Dean Memorial Weekend 1991 includes the memorial service at Back Creek Church, the James Dean lookalike contest and interviews with fans at the gravesite.

Welcome James Dean Fans, (6 minutes running time, directed by Mary Ann Michna.) Welcome James Dean Fans includes video footage of the 1990 gravesite memorial service and interviews with fans. It won a third place in the 1991 Great Video Review Shootoff

Remembering James Dean (15 minutes running time, produced and directed by Mary Ann Michna.) Remembering James Dean won a First Prize in the "1989 Great Video Review Shootoff, "a contest sponsored by Video Review magazine.

Mary Ann is a talented and gracious woman whom you undoubtedly have met at various James Dean gatherings. Contact her about these videos. I think I remember that it would cost $25.00 for all three vidoes including postage and handling. Better ask ‘though.

Videos from the James Dean Gallery

People from overseas often ask me if there is a way to buy the videos of James Dean’s movies. I found them for sale at the James Dean Gallery. Most every one was U.S. $19.99 except for Giant at $29.99. Among the choices are:

Each of Dean’s three movies

Tom Burghuis interviewing Adeline Nall in the old Fairmount High School. A beautiful, unique video with an intro by Fairmount native, sportscaster Phil Jones .

James Dean and Me

James Dean, A Portrait

Three different videos of his television appearances

Those three videos boxed with the Altman one below.

The 1957 Robert Altman Documentary

Read more about the James Dean Memorial Gallery at its new site! You can write for details to the James Dean Gallery via email to dl@jamesdeangallery.comat P.O. Box 55, 425 North Main Street, Fairmount, In 46928 or telephone (765) 948-2236 or fax (765) 948-3389.

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   fans have forgotten the words to the Eagles’ song James Dean