James Dean Gallery Returns To Fairmount 2008

James Dean Gallery Returns To Fairmount 2008

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Welcome Back, David Loehr’s James Dean Gallery!

SCHEDULE: Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week; no admission charge at this time!

                        Telephone 765.948.3326


        After a two year run in Auburn, Indiana, the James Dean Gallery is back in Fairmount, in the house it was in before the Gas City building.  Yes, right back home in Fairmount, in Lenny’s Rebel, Rebel nostalgia store, and for now there is no entry fee!  You can see the displays, then kick back  as you  watch all the videos in the theatre room. 

        Grab a bite at the diner downtown or at the gas station out on State Road 26, in walking distance.  Pack up a picnic from Driskill’s Market and go see Jimmy’s grave out at Park Cemetery.  (Leave it as clean as you found it. please.)  Take the walking tour or drive to the many places of interest on the James Dean tourist map.  There’s an historical museum with many Dean family items, on Washington Street  It is closed in the winter months. You cannot take pictures inside the historical museum, but you can in the Gallery.  Turn east at  the Tucker Boys’ Antiques extravaganza, at the only stoplight in town, to find the Fairmount Historical Museum. 

        Rumor has it that the Giant Bar and Grill is up for sale.  The diner, however, is booming, and there is a Pizza King out on State Road 26 and a pizza place on North Main Street that may be carry out only. Many of us drive up to Stephen Payne’s Custard and Coffee cafe at exit 59 off I-69.  It is near the Cracker Barrel.  Great food and atmosphere there at Stephen’s.  There is one Bed & Breakfast in town, The Loft Inn.  Motels are available at the Gas City exit, #59, off I-69. (Fairmount is exit #55, just south of the Gas City exit.)  Come for a visit but beware! You may become one of the many fans who move to Fairmount for good.  Once you go back to the 1950’s here, you may well want to stay.

Sample page from the original Gallery in Fairmount

Good page of the Gallery when it was in Auburn

Sample page from the former Gallery in Gas City

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