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The James Dean post-Festival

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Memorial Service

     Lisa Blaney is one of The Outsiders, a rowdy subgroup of the Gallery Gang. Here she poses in front of the Gallery, with the salmon Thunderbird owned by the Fountain Square Theatre owner. All weekend people asked me "Is Lisa here yet?" Yes, she finally arrived. Then it switched to "Where’s Lisa?" Lisa is now back in Canada, where you can order this James Dean assemblage from her.

Oh, and you can conclude from the snapshot that the weather was wonderful.

     If you want one of these boxes Lisa makes, telephone to (905) 546-0034. Well, Philip Grant makes the boxes, and Lisa does the art. The bottle holds cemetery earth, and the rock is a loose rock from the drive at the cemetery.

     It took Mark Kinnaman, Magdalin Leonardo and Donnie Knutson to give us a new slant on the Festival. Update 2010: Donnie went to work for Wayne Hancock, and may still be with his staff, as far as I know.)

     Tom Tucker was impressed both with Naomi Yamada and with her 1000 cranes, a traditional Japanese origami memorial for a cemetery. Naomi thought it took her about three minutes to fold each crane. Then she sewed them together in strands and made a bow with a message in Japanese and in English. Naomi brought her gift from Osaka Japan for the memorial service. We all loved spending time with her, and miss her, and want her to return.

Did you recognize Tom from the MacDonald’s in Gas City? He was a devoted James Dean fan and lived right in Fairmount.

Barry Sheeley and Erin Hillenbrand from Henderson KY and Evansville IN made the long trip up to Fairmount. I had thought they won the dance contest, but I had the wrong picture there. They didn’t have to win anything to be on this page. Everyone who loves James Dean is already a winner.

     This happy gang of four are, front left, Cheryl Grubb, going to Purdue very soon; right front, Brandy Pascual, Highland High School in Anderson IN; back left, Brandy’s sister Rachel Fountain, in middle school, and back right, a reluctant pose from Brian Kordes of Missouri. He hasn’t decided if he’s a fan yet. Let me know, Brian, so I can airbrush you out if you vote "no."


Ryan Lyons was quiet but I made him pose…. I think he could be a lookalike. He’s a good loyal fan. We’ll welcome him back any time. My notes say he’s wearing a Columbia jacket. If anyone knows what I meant by that, let me know. You know this is an interactive site. I act, you interpret what I might have meant…. you tell me.

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