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James Dean Night Walk, September 1998

None of these photos are from the digital camera. There are regular snapshots scanned onto disk by Kodak, when they were developed. I find digital much better, but it won’t work outdoors at night.Brenda, Bill, Naomi

If you haven’t experienced a night walk, you can read more details on the 1997 James Dean Fairmount Night Walk page. The purpose of this event is to visit various spots in town which are connected to James Dean.

getting ready First I learned that our gifts each year are from Greg, in the plaid shirt. Brenda helps make them, some years. This year Greg made each of us a flashlight to wear on a clever neckstrap. Very useful, very necessary!

Michiko and Mihiko from Tokyo brought us Japanese lanterns, which made walking much more colorful. We enjoyed them enormously. There were about 20 of us hiking along.

at the wall

Not as famous as the Berlin Wall, but much more loved, a Main Street stop.

at the wall also

At the famous wall, which used to be a shop window, we pause to pose. Jimmy posed here on his trip home in February 1955.

Brenda, Bill, Naomi

Some of us went into the Palace, the local pub that used to be the Palace Movie Theatre in Jimmy’s day. Brenda, Bill and Naomi greet us here.

Public library

None of us knows if this was the library when James Dean was in school. We don’t know if Jimmy was ever in this building. Do you know? Tell us at editor@tentativetimes.net

high school    high school door   

(Daytime photos.) This is the condition of Fairmount High School this year, with the windows broken out. A sad sight. See more of the high school on last years Night Walk

at the church on time

Here we’re at the church where James’s funeral took place. It’s right downtown, because Back Creek Friends Church was too small.

new sign at Hunt

Here’s a new development. Hunt’s has been bought by Armes. That may make it even harder to trace down answers to our many questions. It’s still the prettiest funeral home I’ve ever seen.

all of us at Museum

After hiking out to Playacres Park, we head down to the Historical Museum, where we strike our traditional pose. A major photo op.

traffic light

Visit Fairmount’s first traffic light, now moved behind the Historical Society Museum. The saddest moments of the weekend came at the end of the walk, when we had to go our separate ways here. The sidewalk here may still be wet with tears. Until we meet again next September, go in peace.

If you haven’t experienced a night walk, you can read more details on the 1997 James Dean Fairmount Night Walk page.

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