James Dean Fans, page 2

James Dean Fans, page 2

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Page 2, James Dean Fans, September 1998

   Celebrity and author Pamela Des Barres visits with Kenneth Kendall.

    I forced this pose. I hope the baby forgets! She was not amused.

   A devoted fan from Kokomo, Lisa.

    Twistin’ Tarantulas fan Clint Yates outside the Gallery. Clint is working just on Saturdays now, in Michael’s Barber Shop on Prospect Street, alongside the Fountain Square Theatre. He said he’ll be available to you from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Saturdays. Phone Clint at (317) 889-8192 to set up a time.

   Naomi Yamada in the Gallery yard in her cool vintage scout outfit. We were so lucky that Naomi could return for her second consecutive year. She is a darling.

   Inside the Gallery, Luke and Cindy are minding the gift shop. Luke is from Australia but lives in L.A. right now. He’s an actor, so watch for him.

   There was never a more devoted fan than Mark Kinnaman, "Artist to the Fans". You saw his wares outside the Gallery along Main Street. From his website, you can order even more unusual items.

   This lady will know why I love this picture. I didn’t mean to catch Lucille Zarse laughing, but I’m glad I did. She has an unusual calling, caring for people with A.I.D.S., and she sure must bring a lot of joy in to their lives.

     Lucille and I were visiting with Pat Atkinson of Monon, Indiana, here for her fifth JD festival.

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