James Dean Fans in Fairmount

James Dean Fans in Fairmount

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James Dean fans and their gear

–    Romance is in the air, kids. This wise Columbus policeman, Brad Reynolds, asked Lady Hanlon to marry him. He chose the right day to propose, February 8th. They will marry on February 6th, 1999, the closest Saturday to Jimmy’s birthday. I’ll bet David Loehr’s annual birthday party will be Feb. 6 too. Where is Lady’s gear? Right there on all her fingernails, a fine picture of Jimmy on each one. She gave David a photo of her nails for the Gallery. She is so talented! Best wishes to you both.

    Here from Scotland, just for this special weekend, Eddie Devlin. By the way, he has a silver Porsche spyder like Jimmy’s.

   The Fifties look is so much fun. They sell these clothes out at the car show, and they are perfect for the 50s cars. People need to dress vintage; I wish everyone had one of these outfits. Ok, the women and girls.

   OK, so it’s not exactly vintage, since it’s newly made, …. and there is some dispute about the poodle skirt being authentic 50s wear. Let me tell you, it was. End of discussion. We wore ’em. With crinolines. These two friends had the fun of dressing up for a real 50s weekend, Fairmount Museum Days, where we all go back in time.

    Another vintage sport coat. Bill Lane, as we know him, is now Lane Williams on screen credits, because another member of the Screen Actors Guild has Bill’s real name. All together now, "Bill is Lane and Lane is Williams." Lane has a little page I made too. He’s going to send me his resume and more pictures, for that page.

   More vintage clothes. Fairmount "F" on the sweater may indicate that this is a Fairmount native!

   In the Gallery, George Barris with his delightful wife. I’m trying to show you her cool car shirt. Since George actually knew Jimmy, we are especially lucky to have him visit with us.

   Ivan Ivins from Bluffton, Indiana, never missed a memorial service, and here is his vintage motorcycle jacket. Awesome!

   This fan was unhappy to hear the rumor that the Rock and Roll MacDonalds down at Clark and Ohio in Chicago will be torn out so something else can be built on that choice plot of land. Maybe it has already happened. If it’s still there, go, go now. Take photos. I’ll try to find mine and post them here for you.

   Krista and Brad had just painted the flames on his boots when she reached down and touched them, covering herself in paint…. Krista and Brad Dawson, who won the fast dance contest… cute from head to toe.

   The man pictured on this tee is an Indiana native. He set a land speed record on his motorcycle out on the salt flats. Kids, don’t try this at home. The tee is for Alice’s Restaurant. The friendly fellow in the tee was watching the Rock Lasso contest.     Where to put this photo? It was exciting to walk down the midway and see three international stars! Here are three of the Buck Ram Platters. The original Platters did a lot of music written by a man called Buck Ram. He reunited some of the original Platters and they tour under the new name now. We were treated to three performances on Friday night, and on Saturday night they entertained at the car show in Playacres Park. Celebrities!!

Whoa, thanks to Kristi for writing that her aunt is their manager, and she got to know the Buck Ram Platters while they were in Fairmount. Kristi has a fanclub site for the group, at the link in the paragraph above. Good going, Krisit!

You can see a lot of yummy Dean merchandise at David’s website for the James Dean Memorial Gallery. Bookmark me first, please!

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