James Dean Birthday Party 2-5-2000

James Dean Birthday Party 2-5-2000

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On Saturday, February 5th, 2000, we gathered in Fairmount, Indiana, at The Legend Diner (115 South Main) for a fine meal catered by April Hanlon, one of the owners of the diner. The Seven Shot Screamers made the trek from St. Louis to play for us. Here are some of the fans, and our host, David Loehr of the James Dean Memorial Gallery at 415 North Main Street in Fairmount.

Our host, David Loehr

    Jake Wheat has a website called Finding Fairmount, email to JakeWheat@email.msn.com. He came up from Louisville and he fit right in with the crowd. Jake interviewed a lot of us in connection with his film project, "Finding Fairmount" due to be finished for the September festival. Be sure to visit his website and get on Jake’s mailing list. He has a lot more energy than I do, and I am honored that he and I will be linking our sites. His birthday photos were on-line days before mine were, for which I am grateful. It takes the pressure off my slow self. We will work together closely, as well as promoting the new James Dean fan club run by Magdalin and Michelle. Jake is a welcome and talented addition to the Dean community.

Let’s face it. I’m terrible with names. What I can remember, I will note here. Otherwise you can write and tell me what to add. Even then I might bollix it up somehow. Comptence is not a requirement for web publishing, alas.

This couple goes to Viva Las Vegas too. They hail from Indy.

Do you recognize this lady? She competed in the dance contest in September 1999, in a yellow dress.

Ron and Sue Woods came from Ohio to make sure we didn’t forget their favorite band, Cigar Store Indians. Visit their 50’s website, Retro Living

They also are involved in 50’s custom cars, as well as being great Dean fans.


Sue and Saleh came from Illinois. Adam had to stay home this time. We missed him. Mark Kinnaman of Fort Wayne is visiting with Doreen from Chicago.

A new couple from Muncie joined us this year, and Ben (in the hat) also returned with a friend.



On the left, Jane Bauer celebrates her and Jimmy’s birthday with a visit with Linda LeVine of South Bend, where Jane taught at South Bend Adams for most of her career. Brad Reynolds tips his cap to Jimmy, Lady Renolds waves hello and April Hanlon said she didn’t want her picture taken while she was laboring over a hot stove. See all of them on The Legend Diner page here in Deaners.

Somewhere among these photos is Shannon, proprietor of Shannanigan’s website, a marvelous, overwhelming 50’s graphics and music extravaganza. It has always been a touchstone to me. Shannon will let me know which one she is!

    Jake Wheat took this photo of Sandra, editor of Deaners, photographer and "girl reporter." Accept no substitutes.

Seven Shot Screamers


See this band’s Deaners page from the 1999 September Open House hosted by David Loehr.

David Loehr’s email is dl@jamesdeangallery.com

Visit the Gallery on-line at http://www.jamesdeangallery.com

The James Dean Memorial Gallery

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