James Dean 2002 Lookalike Contest

James Dean 2002 Lookalike Contest

    Updated 2 October  2002       URL is www.deaners.net/02looky/index.html  

Welcome to the

2002 James Dean

Lookalike Contest

This year we got good photos before the men went on stage.  Here they are for your own vote!


#117 Jimmy White of Kokomo, IN.  Won it for the first time this year!

In the red jacket, Chad Sizemore, 19, Blanchester, Ohio.  Chad  is a landscaper.Plays guitar, is a junior at Sinclair College, and is a Chuck Berry fan.

Our favorite cowpoke and a fan week Trivia Champion, #120, Del Rey of Elgin, Illinois lists his special talent as borrowing money.  He is a great Jett Rink. 


#115 Steve Vodde of Belleville, Illinois.  Steve is involved in Civil War history.

#114, Chad Michael Smith of Centralia, Illinois, collects James Dean and works in a medical facility.


#118 is Burch Lin, 34, a computer geek in Indianapolis. His special talent is giving in to peer pressure. 

#121 is Joseph Dee Chee, a teacher who went to Southside H.S. in Fort Wayne, IN. 

#122 is Casey Rea, of Huntington, Indiana, a skateboarder and incidentally a middle school student there.  Way to go, Casey! 


It’s your call. Which do you think looks more like Jimmy, Jimmy in sunglasses or without?   Cast your vote by email to editor@tentativetimes.net

#117, the winner, is Jimmy White, 24, a fitness trainer from Kokomo, Indiana. 


113 is Scott Crawford.  Somehow I wasn’t given his entry paper, so he remains a mystery.

116, Shawn Smalling, is a 26 year old bank teller in Mooresville, IN.

Here Come The Judges!

The sleeping judge, the classmate judge (former chief of police Jim

Grindle)and the fan club president judge (Kris Frailey of Arizona.)


Judges Bob Pulley, Fairmount H.S. class of 1949,

and lookalike winner and cinematographer Lance Stell of California.



The judge awakens.                       Precious fan Naomi Yamada is in the background.

And where would we be without Eric Draper, Master of Ceremonies,  and the melodies of Fred Stevenson, the Bopper?


M.C. Eric Draper                                             Our faithful D.J., The Bopper, Fred Stephenson

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  Check out this Californian, Dennis Kirwan III, who just emailed us his website, www.DennisKirwan.com      It’s worth waiting for it to load.   Is there a lookalike contest held at the September 30th car show in Paso Robles?  What is its web address?  Write to editor@tentativetimes.net