His Fans Remember James Dean, September 2001

His Fans Remember James Dean, September 2001

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FANS at the 2001 James Dean Festival in Fairmount, IN

David Loehr on the porch of his James Dean Gallery with a fan who was born on September 30. He had brought his mom all the way from Las Vegas.

These pictures are in random order.


Rose Roback, Maxine Rowland and Bernie Racinowski, the Three Rs, say hello to Bob Rees in Katy, Texas. Miss you, Bob!



Fans from Illinois.

Fans from Michigan.

Some of the oldtimers in the Outsiders club, heh.

Vintage is definitely where it’s at.

A family from Lafayette, Indiana.

From the Netherlands, Mari vanden Anker, Louise Donk and Bas Donk.

Jim Byron entertained everyone at the Open House at the James Dean Memorial Gallery on the Thursday night before the festival weekend. He is a total crowd thriller!

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Logo by U.S. Army veteran Mark Kinnaman, artist to the fans. He has moved to Fairmount, Indiana!! Visit Mark’s spiffy website