Gigs and Events Somewhat Away From Fort Wayne, Indiana

Gigs and Events Somewhat Away From Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Go Dancing, My Sister Always Did

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David Loehr’s music events are now taking place at the Ramada Inn where we all stayed for Rockabilly Rebel Weekend. Get on his mailing list by emailing

Mr. Badwrench sends this news:

Hey there guys and ghouls, here’s the low down on the big Halloweeny show. Mr Badwrench is playin with Custom Made Scare, Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones, Calavera and a surprise opener. This all goes down Sunday Oct 31st….duh… Mr. T’s Bowl, at 5621 N. Figueroa, in Highland park, for info, call (323) 256-7561…..get there early, it’s only $6.66 to get in before 10 pm and then it’s $13 bucks I think….be sure to tell yer fiends. There will also be copies of the new "Gothabilly" compilation on hand, with songs from Mr Badwrench, Deadbolt, The Deep Eynde, Barnyard Ballers the Psychonauts and more. It’ll make ya wanna swing……..from a rope. Take it Sleazy, Mr Badwrench


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 00:27:24 EDT

Subject: 8 Ball Grifter CD Release

It’s here! We just got back from playin’ in NYC and had a BLAST! And Now….

We’re back to bring you our Devil’s Night 8 Ball Grifter CD Release Party!!!!!!

Come out and pick up yer very own copy of "Drunkabilly" by 8 Ball Grifter!!!!!!!

Devil’s Night

Sat. Oct. 30th

Mac’s Bar in Lansing, MI

8 Ball Grifter, Mad Trucker Gone Mad, and The Tumblers!!!!!!!!!

Costume party, so wear yer sexy, evil, krazy stuff!!!!!

Ya gotta be insane to miss this one!!!! Only the Devil knows what kinda surprises we have in store for ya!!!!!!!

See ya there!!!

~Wade Royale

Eight Ball Grifter

From: Marc Nischan

Subject: Tumblers Monthly Mailer

Howdy Folks!

For once I’m going to be ahead of schedule with the mailer.

Here’s the scoop:

Our last gig for a while is going to be the October 30th CD release party for 8Ball Grifter @ Mac’s in Lansing, MI.

We are going to be out of commission for November while JP undergoes corrective surgery for a deviated septum, but just so you won’t feel left out in the cold we’ve put a few new tunes up on the Bio page

THE BLUE MOON BOYS (Featuring Nic Roulette)

RC: Beat Time/Hep Cat

Check out the Blue Moon Boys own site, or see their gigs here at moongigs

Elaine’s schedule will have the very latest changes.


Elaine Ford elaine@ntr.netSee their home page

Louisville, Kentucky, USA 502/231-7744 fax 502/231-0024

  • Ronnie Dawson

    Hi Sandra, Marc Mencher here… Ronnie’s booking agent…


    Ronnie Dawson will definitely be playing the Hemsby Festival in 2000…start saving your money now so you can make that trip!!

    Rumor has it that Bigger Than Elvis will be playing every so often in Indy at The Bull Dog, (54th and College). Don’t miss the experience! They are such fun.

    FOUNTAIN SQUARE THEATRE: Indianapolis: Thursday Swing Nights are $10.00 and that includes a serious, professional dance lesson.

    Directions to the theatre

    The 7th Rockabilly Rebel Weekender happened June 17 – 20, 1999 at Fountain Square Theatre in Indianapolis. We couldn’t get to this year’s weekender. The Sixth Rockabilly Rebel Weekend, the original weekender in the States, has great coverage here in Tell-Mama.

    Josie Kreuzer

    Oh no! This page is a year OLD! This just isn’t working out, my posting the "latest news." Hellllllp! There is so much news of Josie’s 1998 tour that it has its own page now! Please read about Josie Kreuzer’s American tour here in Tell-Mama!!

    Josie Kreuser needs a new guitar player

    This isn’t real new either…. oh dear, oh dear….

    Hi folks,

    It’s Josie Kreuzer here again, just letting you know that unfortunately I’ve had to cancel my next 3 shows (Doll Hut-Thurs 3/4, Sportsman-Sat 3/13 and Doll Hut -Thurs. 3/11) because I lost my guitar player. Nope he’s not dead (not until I see him next anyways–just kidding). I’ve got friends subbing for my upcoming St Patricks Day show and my show at Jacks Sugar Shack with Ronnie Dawson on March 26th (that one will actually be a treat to you LA Fans because my substitute Guit player is Teri Tom (my former "Whistle Bait" right hand gal). Well I hope you Anheimians will forgive me and I promise I’ll make it up to you at my next Doll Hut gig. Oh, that reminds me, if any of you know of any talented guitarists out there that would like to audition for my band please tell em to give me a hollar / e-mail / ring-a-ding (619)229-9338. They must be able to go on the road for up to 2 1/2 months and be able to relocate to San Diego. I’ll also be looking for a full-time steel player for my next tour.

    Happy Trails,


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    Officer Greg (Laxton) and his bride Cindy have a website with Rockabilly news, at Cars, bars and guitars in Southern California, at

    This looks like a site I can learn a lot from. I love the beginning of it, and they update it well. All the luck in the world to the editor of this site! At last, a link for the Paso Robles run!!!!!

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