Gary Lewis and the Playboys in Fairmount, Indiana

Gary Lewis and the Playboys in Fairmount, Indiana

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Fairmount Loves Gary Lewis

and the Playboys

Gary Lewis and the Playboys were the main musical attraction at the 1999 Fairmount Museum Days September Festival, the major James Dean event in Fairmount. The crowd was packed solid, almost beyond the holding capacity of the planet! The Deaners photographer wriggled her way to the back of the stage and caught these magic moments on film. Her camera was inadequate to the challenge.

This picture of Gary laughing shows the tone of the whole evening. Gary Lewis loves to perform, and he enjoys his fans. He made us feel welcome. He made us feel as if we were in his home, and he wasn’t playing for money. It’s no wonder Gary Lewis and the Playboys are as popular as ever. Play it again, Gary.




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