Flowers and Fans, James Dean 2000

Flowers and Fans, James Dean 2000

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More Flowers and Friends

Flowers from special friends, at the church. Many fans who can’t get to Fairmount in September send flowers. Others bring flowers.


Patti Provance from St. Louis makes a wonderful wreath every year. This year’s theme was Texas, with red hot chili peppers and southwestern ribbons.

A tip of the hat to the Marion Chronicle-Tribune reporter at the Memorial Service, shown here with Kip Brown and Pamela Des Barres, both of California.

The world in Park Cemetery as reflected from Nikki Bazooka’s chrome…. Someone should do a whole series of these reflection photos, (but higher resolution than mine.)

See, Bob Pulley looks wonderful, even though I intercepted him as he was trying to go home. I wanted a picture of us together.

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