Fans outside at the 2005 James Dean Memorial Service, Fairmount Indiana

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Out and About at Back Creek Friends Meeting

Naomi Yamada made a 2000 cranes tribute at home in Japan.

She doubled the number of cranes for this 50th anniversary.

Naomi is every fan’s "sister."  We are lucky to know her.

Front Row, names I know, Jennifer Tappan in red, lookalike Jimmy White in the black Jimmy sweater, and Teresita Gonzalez, tireless worker for the fan club, in pink.  And welcome to the other three ladies!

We Remember Dean fan club thanks Ashley Herer of the Associated Press for her welcome write-up of this 50th anniversary Memorial Service.  Newspapers all over Indiana printed her story, and perhaps papers outside Indiana did too.  This helps keep Jimmy’s memory alive for old and young alike.  Rachel Kipp, Sean F. Driscoll, Barry William Walsh, Katie Albright, Kevin Whiteman  and their photographers Aaron Pennock and Jeff Morehead of the Marion IN Chronicle-Tribune manage, astoundingly, to make every Dean event sound brand new in the newspaper, even if they have covered the same event many times before.  That leaves me breathless.  Thank you from the bottoms of our fan hearts.  

Other writers putting out news about James Dean that week include Olga Craig for the News.Telegraph in the U.K., Michael McBride of the East Indiana Star-Press, Wendy Theis of channel KSBY in San Luis Obispo, California, and G. Allen Johnson from the San Francisco Chronicle.   Did I miss you?  E-Mail


Brian Burke (FL) flanked by Rose Roeback  and  Bernie Racinowski  from the Chicago area.


Steve Vodde, Illinois, in red jacket.

 With a backpack is Yukiko Kobayashi from Chiba, Japan.  She came in 1996 and again  in the winter of 1999.  In 1996, Mark Kinnaman and Tom Berghuis showed her all the Fairmount sights despite each of them not knowing a word of the other’s language.  Deaners can communicate! 

In denim stands another fan I don’t know, but the picture turned out quite well!



The lady on the left is a fan club member from Arizona.  She’s friends with Dean author Warren Beath.

I was playing a family game, "Name That Celebrity" where I give stars’ names to complete strangers.  Sure enough, along came Steve Martin into the church.  Or maybe not.  Since we moved away from California and from Washington, D.C., we don’t see many stars, so we make up our own.

Here’s Yukiko Kobayashi lining up for the march to the cemetery.

Send names and/or facts to, when you have time. 

Ready to go to the graveside in Park Cemetery

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