Fans in James Dean Shirts

Fans in James Dean Shirts

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James Dean Tee-shirts

Old ones, new ones, black ones, colorful ones…. everybody has a few. Who has the most? Maybe David Loehr, inside the Gallery, because he sells them. He doesn’t have a display of Dean tees, so this one’s for you, David.

    Jamie Deweese from Tennessee is an avid collector. This is one of the very best shirts.

    Steve Meyers from Monon, Indiana.

   Not Dean shirts but shirts on devoted Dean fans!

   Wrong school, man, but an ultra-cool concept. (All hail, our own Purdue.)

   For sale, in a booth downtown at the festival.

     One of Arnold Siminoff’s fine airbrushed jackets.

   Overexposed shot of a fine Dean jacket. Color is of course better on this one in person.

    The artist moved to Alaska. After many years, this paint is beginning to flake. Anyone have any advice? This is Lyman Wickwire’s jacket. Contact him at (203) 453-2512 or write to him at 2470 Post Road, Guilford CT 06437.

    Tom Fagan is proud of this jacket from a group he formed in Vermont in the 1950s, after Rebel Without a Cause changed his life.

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You can see a lot of yummy Dean merchandise at David’s website for the James Dean Memorial Gallery. Bookmark me first, please!

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