Fans at the James Dean Gallery, 1998

Fans at the James Dean Gallery, 1998

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Fans at the James Dean Memorial Gallery

   David Loehr with Christine White who spoke at the Memorial Service.

   Curt Whirl who is off to Orlando.

   Mihiko, Mark Kinnaman and Michiko from Japan.

   Larry Stout and his mother, Katherine, from Rushville.

   Natalie Parent and Michel Bouchard, from Montreal.

   Laura and Didier are from France.

   Artist Robert Waitches from Knox, Indiana. There’s Craig Kester in the background, and Luke has his back to us.

   Gary Hollisfrom Wisconsin and Christine White from Washington, D.C. with Terry McGinn from Michigan. He came all the way for just an hour. He had committments to get back to. Amazing loyalty.

   Greg from St. Louis brought many beautiful flowers with him.

      Another Michigan fan, Mark Schmeling from Detroit.

   James Azzara from Maryland.

   Christine White spoke at the service. She’s in the documentary, "The First American Teen-Ager." Her forthcoming Dean book is "The Disconnected."

   Cindy and David. She brought pumpkin bread.

   Lenny of New York, clothing designer and owner of Rebel, Rebel, the nostalgia store downstairs in the Gallery.

   Lyman Wickwire sells construction equipment in Connecticut. He donated this statue to David and the Gallery. Contact Lyman at (203) 453-2512, or write to him at 2470 Post Road, Guilford CT 06437.

John Dean, related to James distantly. His paternal grandfather was Homer Dean, whose sons were LaMar, Maurice, and James LeRoy and whose daughter was named Zelpha. Homer’s wife was Mabel.

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