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Fan Tributes to Audie Pitre

Audie Pitre was a best friend of your editor’s nephew. They were in the same band, Acid Bath. When Audie and his family were killed, many of his fans wrote these letters.

This magazine is about small towns and small cities. You will agree that Cut Off, Louisiana is small. The magazine is about students. Audie’s death touched so many young people. These sad letters are still arriving, even so long after Audie’s death. One thing all of us hate is drunk driving. These heartfelt letters show some of the grief drunk driving can cause. Because of strong feelings, these letters may contain strong language.

Index of Acid Bath pages is at end of page. Here is some email I have received.

Fans are Tatoo Roz, Angie, Craig, Jason T., Chris G., Patrick T., Jason L., Gene W., James S., Mike B., Paul W., Scott L., and Tom M

From Tattoo Roz: There comes a time in everyones life when it slaps you where it hurts, on Jan , 23rd last year it happened. For the second time in my life I had to say good-bye to someone I loved. I only knew Audie for a few years and I am proud to call him my friend. My name is Tattoo Roz and it has taken me (and everyone I know) a long time to come to grips with the loss. There are very few gentle and kind people you meet nowadays… Audie is one of those people. I miss him and allways will.

        TATTOO ROZ

From Angie: "I just wanted to say that I knew Audie. He was a wonderful person and a great friend. He was loved and will be sadly missed. May he rest in peace…"

From: Craig Lyndall

I put up a tribute to Audie on my site. If it is at all possible I would like to have an address to send a letter from myself and the rest of the "Cleveland Fans". We believe that we are some of the biggest supporters of the band, and we were all shocked and terribly upset by this tragic news. Thanks so much.

Craig Lyndall,

Here is the hyperlink to Craig’s site

Jason Tiefel writes:

My most sincere sentiments go out to you, the band, and all family members of Audie. It’s hard to believe that the man I saw play that guitar onstage with such skill and passion is no longer with us. I never really met him, but their music is so much a part of my life that it feels like a little part of me has died as well. That was a heinous crime, one which I have lost many friends to.

One never realizes how much they love someone (even a stranger) until they are gone. I am truly pained for the loss. Again, my grievances go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

Sincerely, Jason Tiefel

Jason, I hope the family gets to read your fine letter. Thank you for letting me share it here.

From Texas:

I was deeply saddened to hear about the tragedy involving Audie and his parents. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I got to hang out with Audie for awhile when we played with them, and I have to say he was one of the nicest guys I have met in awhile. To the man who got me to play the bass aggressivly — may he rest in peace. Acid Bath has the support of all of their Texas fans. Thank you, Sandra for keeping us updated on the situation.

Chris Graczyk

From the Netherlands:

It’s 27-1-97 and 9:28 in the am..and i just got your emails…i’m totally broken and i can not believe that Audie is dead..It’s true that i never met him and the band all… because i live in Holland…but something died in me too.. their music their was so great..and i’ll hope they keep on making music..i find it very difficult to show my feelings with email..because of my language barrier..but i’ll hope it comes true…

From Patrick Tang,

From Jason Leonard

Sad day…i am friends with the band & have been for about 5 years…i was really upset about what happened. I am originally from Morgan City….

Truly, he was one of the nicest guys i’ve met. I used to play at a jam session in houma & everytime i would finish, he would come up to me & tell me what a good job i did, & i really respected him for that. My heart goes out to the family & band. It’s hard to lose a friend…

From Gene Witsman, of Terror Fist, which played where Acid Bath could not appear at Z’s in Fort Walton Beach:

We dedicated our show in memory of Audrie and lit a seven day candle for him. We had a banner signed each night, and Paul, the owner from Z’s, plans to tape them both together and send them to Acid Bath.

From James Surles:

I just don’t know what to say. I’m originally from Lake Charles (only 1 year removed) and have driven to see AB in Lafayette and Baton Rouge quite a few times. Simply amazing. If it were possible to wear out a CD, my copy of Kite would have been worn out long ago, and Tactics is well on its way. If possible, please send along my condolances to the family and other members of the band.

Thanks…James Surles

From Mike Brasher, we received:

I got the call on Friday that something had happened to one of the guys in the band. However, in Baton Rouge, the first rumor was that Dax had been killed. A friend of mine, Curt Porche, is from the same area as the band and has known them for a long time. I had the pleasure of meeting Acid Bath, and Audie in particular, when my band played with them at the Sports Page in Laffayette, La.

At first we didn’t know what to expect. They looked to us, Sammy and Jimmy did at least at the time, like they could be no older than 15 and were going to get on stage and do the tired alterna-crap thing or mutilate "Seek and Destroy". However, when those guys hit the stage, all of our so-called veteran mouths were dangling open. Even some of those I play with who don’t enjoy their music so heavy were impressed with the talent, both as musicians and songwriters.

Thereafter, we developed a friendship with the band and played several shows with them. We were called Strange Daze then. The more we got to be around them, the more we noticed that these were 5 ultra-cool guys, who were so laid back that they were almost horizontal, and who had a varied taste and appreciation for all different kinds of music, well, only that music which is good. And though I like all of the guys, I can honestly say that Audie in particular was always one that stood out in my mind.

I mean, a man that can stand on stage, constantly swinging that mane of hair and never f***** up; a simple guy from south Louisiana who had an incredible bass sound that was engineered solely by himself and envied by all; a guys that made the walls of every hall and club that Acid Bath played at shake when he went to the mic to do his unmistakable back-up vocals…Audie was a Renaissance man! I will miss him.

Mike Brasher

From Paul in Florida:

I’m sure that our grief can in no way compare to the great loss you all must feel in your heart. But please know Fort Walton cares very much for all of you. It is our sincere hope that you will find strength in this tragedy and continue to bring your wonderful music to your many local fans on the gulf coast.

All our thoughts are with you,

Your loyal family at Z’s

Paul Wheeler

Z’s Lounge

32 Eglin Parkway

Fort Walton Beach

Fl. 32548


This is from Scott Ledger

I had the priviledge to be one of the last people to record with Audie. I also had the honor of lead vocals in his side band SHRUM. In the time SHRUM was created, I got to know one of people behind the music that influences me until this day. Audie had a passion for music. It was one of the things he loved as much as his family. I never had a bad moment with him. No matter what, he made everyone around him laugh. SHRUM would have went far, if it weren’t for the screwed up judicial system of Louisiana. It’s just a matter of time before it screws up again. What more will it take to open the world’s eyes & see what is happening. If the system down here, where I live wouldn’t be so messed up, maybe this could have been avoided. May Audie’s memory & music live on forever.

As for Adam Trahan, may he suffer until the day he meets Audie again.

Rest In Peace


from Scott Ledger.

, Tom Miller, once again send my condolences to the Pitre family , as well as Acid Bath themselves. I have seen Acid Bath in a couple of Florida clubs, and, once, was one of the first three people to start the mosh pit. It was cool. I feel saddened by this loss. I myself have lost people who were involved in accidents with drunk drivers.


Tom Miller

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