Fairmount Antique Mall, Fairmount Indiana

Fairmount Antique Mall, Fairmount Indiana

     Updated April 2, 2008   URL is  www.tentativetimes.net/fam/ 

101 South Main Street, Fairmount, Indiana

Telephone 765.948.5550

 E-mail antique@comteck.com

AND NOW A STORE ON EBAY  !!!!  Just click!!!!

As if that weren’t enough, you can see them on MySpace at www.myspace.com/fairmount_antique_mall

Open year-round, on-line and in person!

Always friendly, the Fairmount Antique Mall can’t be beat. Open seven days a week to serve you, Tony and Jon Tucker are the Kings of Awesome Old Stuff  at 101 South Main Street in Fairmount, Indiana. See the photos below for a tiny sample of their wares. And visit all the other antiques businesses in Fairmount when you stop here. We are all close together, downtown.

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You’re Cordially Invited

To preview the mural that Tony and Jon commissioned, click on this mural link

Below are some photos of Tony and Jon’s merchandise in the new location, across the street from their former building.  Tony Tucker took all these pictures.  I’ll have to take a picture of Tony, eh?




 Hi,  Ma Tucker!

  Jon Tucker handles shipping, email and parts of everything else.  His brother Tony hits the auctions and runs their eBay Store, while Mom Tucker womans the cash register, cooks, cleans, and entertains all the visitors.  Mom also has a great memory for this Awesome Old Stuff.

Insert Tony’s photo here.


The mural is at the traffic light in downtown Fairmount. George Schoen says this is not a literal representation of the famous photo, but an allegory of Dean’s life and mystique. The Porsche represents everyone’s phantom car. The lighting is dawn or dusk, as you prefer. Put yourself into the mind of James Dean as he walks his hometown streets. Our thanks to George Schoen for painting this mural on a difficult brick surface, and for being a wonderful conversationalist and incurable optimist during his stay in Fairmount. George, you are very much missed.


See page two of photosof Fairmount Antique Mall treasures.

Tony and Jon’s Fairmount Antique Mall on EBAY!!!!

Deaners.net by Sandra Weinhardt, www.deaners.net

Fairmount Historical Museum at 203 East Washington Street, Fairmount

James Dean Memorial Gallery

Lenny’s Rebel Rebel nostalgia store in the former Gallery at 425 N. Main Street, Fairmount Indiana. 

Daddy-O’s bowling shirts, rockabilly, swing, and 50’s clothes. http://daddyos.com/

Robert R. Rees sells a lot of Dean memorabilia

James Dean Remembered, The only Official James Dean fan club is easy to join. Pamela Crawford of Little Rock, AK is the  President. Various fans write columns for the newsletter, including Kip Brown  Phil Zeigler,  and Sue Mohammed.

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