Disclaimers for Our Tentative Times cyberzine

Disclaimers for Our Tentative Times cyberzine

Updated 30 July 1998 URL is http://our.tentativetimes.net/disclaim.html

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Disclaimers for Our Tentative Times

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The opinions expressed by the writers in the Our Tentative Times magazine family do not represent the opinions of the sponsors, advertisers, publisher, man in the street, the peacock lobby, pundits, the Blue Moon Boys, researchers, James Bond Goes Surfing, graduate students, Those Legendary Shack Shakers, tuna fishermen, The Red Ball Jets, Crowbar, The Chronics, The Deans, or any governmental, educational. fraternal, patriotic or recreational organization. They are just the writers’ opinions.

Our magazines may incorporate humor. Do not take humor seriously.

However serious an article may be, do not accept it as competent medical advice, psychological advice, marital advice, career advice, or gospel truth. Our articles are written by human beings, and are therefore subject to error. Add to that the fact that the editor can’t type worth a hoot, and you have fertile ground for more errors.

The health information provided on this web site is intended for educational and informational use only and should not be used for any other purpose. The proper way to address health concerns is to consult a licensed medical professional. Our Tentative Times accepts no responsibility for any error, omission, or any individual’s use of information provided herein.

Thank you for reading these disclaimers. Send in your favorite disclaimers for our enjoyment.

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