David Loehr’s Fourth James Dean Fan Tribute Weekend 2001

David Loehr’s Fourth James Dean Fan Tribute Weekend 2001

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2001 Fan Picnic on the Patio

Dustin Crawford, Pamela, Kip

This party was a "family" reunion with a birthday and even a wedding reception of sorts! What a day we had at the James Dean Memorial Gallery on Friday, July 29th, 2001. The rain stopped after it drowned all the flying bugs. Dustin Crawford of Little Rock, Arkansas celebrated his 13th birthday with live rock music. The heat and humidity climbed steadily, but who cared!

Everyone brought something to add to the groaning board, music annoyed the neighbors and pleased us, while even more new people discovered host David Loehr’s James Dean Memorial Gallery. Lenny presided over the grill, Jim Byron lit the torches, Tom Tucker almost backed into one, and few blades of grass survived. Next year we shall fill a wading pool with ice for the pop and we’ll treat it like a cold hot tub. Just like Purdue fans or Cub’s fans say, "wait ’til next year!"

Jim Byron and another musician (who, who, who?) were a big hit with the crowd. Jim has a great voice and both men played righteous rockabilly.

    Wedding reception? Well, sort of. We welcomed newcomers Tadd and Mable Schumacher, married less than a week. Mable is from Mallorca, which she told me is an island off the coast of Spain. I learn a lot from Deaners. This couple brought us all a fresh belief in romance and true love. They were on their honeymoon. Where else but Fairmount, right? They live in California.

    Jolly, happy folks who get together every year at this time, I think to visit James Dean sites. They were having the most fun and were willing to pose in front of the James Dean Memorial Gallery.

   His grandmother babysat for Jimmy.

   This was once the base of a statue of Jimmy. The bust was stolen, and this is all that remains.

    The Road Rockets from Indianapolis brought some of their cars, their ladies and their relatives to the cookout. Wonder what Jimmy thought as he looked down on that purple and white Mercury!

And so it ended for another year, this unique gathering of summertime Dean friends, old and new. Thank you, David Loehr, for inventing this idea and bringing it to life. May all your reservations be filled at all future banquets.

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