David Loehr’s Fourth James Dean Fan Tribute Weekend 2001

David Loehr’s Fourth James Dean Fan Tribute Weekend 2001

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Lenny’s Fabulous James Dean Trivia Contest

Each year we marvel at the questions Lenny writes to confound even the most knowledgeable Deaners. First we all take a written elimination test to whittle us down to three. There are usually some people who score high but decline to be on the hot seat, so other fans become panelists.

Adam Pelletier has grown up, graduated and will enter the America Corps this fall. He will still be living in Illinois. Adam’s our replacement for Vanna White. He’s also worked his way to the trophy circle of the Rock Lasso Contest in September.

This year, Kip Brown and Phil Ziegler turned down their seats. The other high scorering panelists ended up as Heath Schactele of Michigan, Paul Waters of Iowa and Mark Kinnaman of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mark had won two previous contests and lost one. He was antsy as a quail in hunting season.

The audience was as excited as the contestants, and far more light-hearted.


More photos of Paul Waters are available on the page about the Friday night dinner, as he was our heart-stopping entertainment for the night. Congratulations to all the contestants. It was a hard-fought battle again this year!

     These two questions’ answers are Maxine Rowland of Xenia, Ohio and Arnold Siminoff of New Jersey. Maxine was at the weekender. Arnold we lost to cancer last winter. Everyone liked Arnold very much. You can see his photos at the cemetery on the Memorial Service pages, over the years. He couldn’t come to the 2000 Memorial Service last September 30th. If you have been to the memorial services, you will remember his unique air-brushed James Dean jackets and his white cowboy hat. He walked out to the grave site each year, alone, to spend time with Jimmy. They must be swapping stories now, along with Adeline. Goodbye, Arnold. You and your poems are remembered and missed.

Mark Kinnaman wins for the third time. He promptly used his $50.00 gift certificate from David Loehr, in David’s excellent gift shop at the Gallery. Did he buy a first edition of David Dalton’s book "James Dean, The Mutant King"?

Fans Hazel and R. J. Mott drove up from Texas for this weekend party!

   Good cook and Dean fan, Cindy Stokes from Indianapolis, in the middle.

   Writer Pamela DesBarres and Kip Brown. Pamela has a James Dean/Toni Scott screenplay under option. It won first prize in a screenplay contest. (There are more details about the screenplay on this older page. Kip’s book on James Dean will surely be published soon, except that he keeps adding neat stuff to it. We will wait him out!

Y’all study hard for next year, because Lenny will never run out of amazing questions. Thus endeth the 2001 Trivia Contest. Well done.

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