David Loehr’s Annual James Dean Open House

David Loehr’s Annual James Dean Open House

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David Loehr’s Annual Open House

Our host, David Loehr in a shirt by Lenny, with Phil Jones of CBS News.

Each year, David Loehr opens his James Dean Memorial Gallery free to the public, on the Thursday night before Fairmount Museum Days starts. This year he got a nationally acclaimed set of old friends for the musical entertainment. The Blue Moon Boys, out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, played on the grand front porch for all to hear.

This page will have some photos, but I have a camera that takes multiple shots, and I planned to catch Nic Roulette, their lead singer, in midair. Alas, Nic had just had some surgery, so he couldn’t jump! Missed my chance. Also missed a lot of photos of the band, because I was set up for the multiples that become animated gifs. See links below for more band photos.

We were astounded to find Phil Jones gracing our open house, as well as Anthony Michael Hall. Phil, the CBS News White House correspondent, was grand Marshall of the parade on Saturday. He’s a Fairmount High School alumnus!

Enough words. Let the photos begin!

On The Lawn

Jerry Sparkman on bass. He smiles now! All that touring in the US and Europe has made him relax on stage,

Kenny Taylor, guitar and vocals. Kenny is probably the best guitar player in Fort Wayne and beyond.

An extraordinary makeover: Flava P. Simon with a beard that added ten years to his apparent and made him a dangerous, mysterious, intriguing man.

(Ancient pic of Nic Roulette.)

None of my open house photos of lead singer Nic Roulette are useable, so I will have to learn animation shop and bring you the animated gifs. Meanwhile, please enjoy innumerable previous Nic pics. (Links below.)

We were lucky to have Naomi Yamada (on the right) come from Japan again this year. She brough another Thousand Cranes for Jimmy’s headstone. She makes each origami bird herself, each year. An amazing fan, whom we all cherish.

Nic’s beautiful mom, Altalee Stellhorn, sold the tees and CDs for the band.

Kurt Whirl of Florida, formerly of Kokomo, posed with Magdalin Leonardo (New York), president of James Dean Remembered fan club, the only official fan club.

One of the most knowledgeable fans came all the way from Oklahoma by herself for the festival. I’m sure I will find her name.

Mark Kinnaman, artist to the fans, with Magdalin Leonardo.

Inside The Gallery

Rob Qualls with two visitors from the Netherlands, I think.

This just in from Sue, 10-29-2000:

"Hello everyone..just wanted all of you to know to know Saleh and I became grandparents for the third time yesterday , Saturday. October 28.

My oldest son Rick and his wife Shallen had a baby girl..she was 5 lbs, 11 ozs..her name is Sadie Belle. She’s tiny and adorable!! Take care and have a happy halloween!!!

Congratulations to the parade Grand Marshall, Fairmount native Phil Jones of CBS News.

Anthony Michael Hall

Steve Hedrick, who was in saved by the bell, hawaiian style and did three episodes of saved by the bell the new class, now works part time on Third Rock From The Sun. He was delighted to get an autograph. His email is stevehedrick@prodigy.net

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