Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Boys

Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Boys

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Chubby Carrier and the

Bayou Swamp Band

Zydeco is the way to go

This band was the delight I expected it to be. There is not nearly enough Swamp Pop around this area. Let me know where it is, and I’ll be there.

I didn’t get to visit with the musicians, so I can’t tell you their stories. Here are the shots I got at Frog Island in June of 1998:

Chubby Carrier himself.

The drummer for this fine band is Trey Landry.

Guess who found this page? Saundra Gaar, email, who happens to be married to this musician, John Garr, lead guitar.

Say hello to Zydeco Mike Chaisson, percussion.

John Garr

Big, big blue drums!

Chubby Carrier’s accordion.

Zydeco Mike’s percussion stuff 🙂

The band’s website is at and it has the latest tourdate info. It’s also on

Why not send in your reviews, opinions or praise for the bands at Frog Island? I obviously am not informed enough to talk about them…. so you are most welcome to email me. Tell me if I can include your name and email address with your comments.

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Or you could go see my pages for my bayou-based Louisiana nephew’s band, Acid Bath. It’s way different from anything you heard at Frog Island and will probably offend 99% of all people with ears. "He’s the baby, gotta love him!"

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