Children’s James Dean Lookalike Contest, 2001

Children’s James Dean Lookalike Contest, 2001

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The 2001 Kids

James Dean

Lookalike Contest

Kids Are The Cutest!

"You are not gonna make me do this.

No way.

Past my bedtime.

Wouldn’t be prudent."

2001 was the second year for the age 12 and under lookalike contest at the James Dean festival in Fairmount, Indiana. Attendance was sky-high, with a good crowd of contestants. It was fascinating to see the littlest ones gain stage presence in the course of one evening. My camera can’t show you the crowd, but it was enormous and loud. The music was loud. The lights were blinding. Somehow, the kids trooped through it and we ended with a dead heat for the two tied winners. These photos are all in random order. Enjoy!











These kids stood up to the limelight and outshined it! Thanks to all who came and participated or cheered. See you next year!

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