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FRIENDS OF THE LIMBERLOST BOOKSHOPP.O. BOX 571, GENEVA, IN 46740Phone: 260-368-7428  —  Fax: 260-368-7007Email:  limberlostSHS@embarqmail.comUpdated MAY 2009Here is a new offering, a hard-top-find (even if used) Gene Stratton-Porter nature study book called Tales You Won’t Believe.

Now you can buy it for $24.95. It’s in hardback, made available through the efforts of Dave Fox, the Site Manager of the Rome City Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site.  Scroll down to the Nature Books section. FRIENDS OF THE LIMBERLOSTNOVELSHardback:At the Foot of the Rainbow                              $22.95The Magic Garden                                              $21.95A Daughter of the Land                                    $28.95Michael O’Halloran                                            $33.95Freckles                                                               $30.00The Song of the Cardinal                                  $23.95Freckles Comes Home (by Jeannette Porter Meehan)       $24.95The White Flag                                                   $39.95A Girl of the Limberlost                                     $29.95Laddie                                                                   $24.95The Harvester                                                     $31.95The Keeper of the Bees                                     $24.95Her Father’s Daughter                                       $30.95 Girl of the Limberlost                                    . $29.95Paperbacks:At the Foot of the Rainbow                              $13.95A Girl of the Limberlost                                      $14.95    A Daughter of the Land                                     $16.95The Harvester                                                      $17.95  Freckles                                                                 $12.95Laddie                                                                    $16.95Michael O’Halloran                                             $16.95The Keeper of the Bees                                      $16.95The Song of the Cardinal                                   $ 9.95 POEMS AND ESSAYSEuphorbia                                                            $22.95Let Us Highly Resolve                                        $37.95Firebird                                                                $60.00Jesus of the Emerald                                           $80.00CHILDREN’S BOOKSAfter the Flood                                                    $ 5.95Morning Face                                                      $20.95Birds of the Limberlost                                       $21.95Heroine of the Limberlost, A Paper                   $ 9.95Doll Biography of Gene Stratton-PorterStars and Stories Paper Dolls, from                  $10.00Movies of Gene Stratton-Porter     NATURE BOOKSBirds of the Bible                                                $52.95Music of the Wild, Part 1:                                   $19.95The Chorus of the ForestHoming With the Birds                                      $37.95Moths of the Limberlost                                    $42.95Music of the Wild, Part 2:                                   $17.95The Song of the Field       Wings                                                                  $22.95 Music of the Wild, Part 3:                                   $17.95The Music of the MarshTales You Won’t Believe                                    $24.95  BIOGRAPHIESGene Stratton-Porter                                           $19.95Novelist/Naturalist:  by Judith Reich Long….clothA Lovely Light:  by Rollin King (Reg. $14.00) Sale  $9.95An early biography of GSP….paperbackGene Stratton-Porter, A Little Story of               $29.95The Life and Work and Ideals of the Bird Woman.Compiled by: S.F. Ewart……cloth Technique of Gene Stratton-Porter Novels         $18.95By C. Bussell………….clothA Literary Examination                                     $18.95By Bertrand Richards……clothBOOKS ON CD  ——  UNABRIDGED AUDIOAt the Foot of the Rainbow                                 $24.99A Girl of the Limberlost                                    $24.95Freckles                                                                   $28.99Laddie                                                                 $34.99The Harvester                                                        $34.99  

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