Bummie’s Drive-In Restaurant in Bluffton Indiana,

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Put a Bummie in your tummy today!

Say you’re out in your old heap, tooling around, and head for Bummies to see who is hanging out. It doesn’t matter what you wear, because all eyes are going to be on this little humdinger. Thanks for letting me get the picture, kids!

Unfailingly cheerful! They don’t wear skates, but they get the food to you just as fast. (I’ll bet the insurance companies pulled the plug on skates.)  Our delightful car hops,  (there are more than these three ladies),  brave the weather,  brave blasting car horns, and never fail to repeat your order.  They always have plenty of change, including fifty-cent pieces. 

What to order? Anything you might expect from a 1950’s drive-in. With french fries, you get the traditional carrot stick. The barbecue sandwich is great, the Bummie Basket and the root beer are terrific, and you can have butt bacon on anything for thirty-five cents extra. (I don’t even want to know.) There are picnic tables if you want to bask in the sun, or if you have  a big group.

Have you seen the pictures of our other 1950’s drive-in? It’s no longer a drive-in but it was a way cool diner,  the world-famous Dutch Mill — (which was) at the bridge where State  Road 124 meets State Road 1.   Link is below.

Your Favorite Drive-In

On my Rockabilly Mailing List, we had a long discussion about 1950’s style drive-in restaurants. We all favored our local drive-ins, but we want to visit yours when we are in your area. Send me a link and tell us what to order!

Here’s a note from Curtis and Robin Henson: "In Atlanta there’s a great drive in called The Varsity. Go to the one on North Ave. and Spring St. down town. The best chili cheese dogs and orange shakes!"

Now this may be Georgia or it may be Atlanta, Indiana. We bet it means Georgia. With the internet, you never know where a message may be coming from. Thanks, Hensons, for a good lead!

Arnold’s Rock and Roll Drive-In

in Decatur, Indiana

Cozy’s in New Jersey

Got a great email from a nice couple in New Jersey with an authentic diner that will even have its own calendar for 1999. Be sure to visit Cozy’s which has been feeding folks for forty-six years!

News:  Mrs. Bummie had a baby, so the opening of the second restaurant, the one in Ossian, was slightly delayed. It’s open now, but prudently sold to the Cranes who run a fine drive-in. A mom just can’t be in three places at once (although we all try.)

On the next page is the Dutch Mill’s 1950s restaurant.

or visit my pages for Arnold’s Rock and Roll drive-in in the next county.


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