Bluffton Indiana’s Sewage Treatment Plant at Christmas

Bluffton Indiana’s Sewage Treatment Plant at Christmas

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Added November 2000, New treat: the Bluffton’s Wastewater Treatment Facility at Christmas! Unbelieveable!!

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HoHoHo! Flushed With Pride At Christmas

Visit our facility after dark starting on December 11, 2000.

Bluffton, Indiana’s WastewaterTreatment Facility Is Swanky

You can’t imagine all the hours devoted to making the spectacular displays at our city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, hereafter called the Sewer Shop. Over 1300 folks drove through the display in 1999, not counting the ones who came when no-one was around to count them. Here is the entrance to the campus.

And here is the exit display as you leave:

Well, this page doesn’t do it justice, because there are dozens of lighted outdoor Christmas trees and many other lighted decorations. My digital camera just can’t do night pictures on a grand scale. The "Sewer Shop" has loads of sights to see at Christmas. See you there!

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          alien space ships have been attracted to the Christmas display at the Bluffton Wastewater Treatment Facility.