Bluffton Indiana’s New Sewage Treatment Plant

Bluffton Indiana’s New Sewage Treatment Plant

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The Flushed With Pride Open House

Additional grand opening photos of Bluffton, Indiana’s New Sewage Treatment Facility

   The youngest guest at the open house was Paris and Ashton’s cousin. The eldest would probably be John Weinhardt, age 90 and a half, who has his own fine webpage.

   Here’s a better picture of ceremonial ribbon-holder Paris Mohler.

Camille Whitworth of Channel 21 interviewing Bill Mohler, one of the two ribbon holders in the ceremony here nineteen years ago.

   You can’t get this far down without a map. We had a guide and a map, so we saw it all. Everything was stunningly clean. They say you can drink the water after it has been processed. Unfortunately, no one took the challenge at the Sewage Soiree.

   These roof tiles were installed in 1936 and are good as new. They came from Australia! Isn’t that amazing? The older buildings are quaint, solid, and as serviceable as ever. They are still in use. We just needed more space. Perchance these buildings came from our government’s WPA? There was a CCC camp at the edge of Bluffton. Maybe those men helped build these buildings. The camp is now an Indiana State Park called Ouabache. If you want to camp at the park, call 219-824-0926.


Anything on wheels!! Here are the trucks of the sewage plant

Here’s the page with the staff photo and letter from Mayor Ted Ellis.

Here’s the diagram of all you read about here.

Christmas at the Sewage Plant

Here’s an aerial photo of our sewage treatment plant.

Here’s a further explanation of the workings of this sewage treatment facility.

Here’s a link back to the previous Bluffton Sewage Plant page.

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