Bluffton Indiana Lady Tigers advance to State Finals, Girls Class 2A Basketball

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Bluffton High School’s Lady Tigers Show Indiana Their Talents!

Class 2A Basketball’s First Exciting Season

Lady Tigers go to Indy!

They fought hard, and that Southridge team was a fine opponent. We’re Number Two!!! The final score is 57 to 62. Bluffton really made Southridge work hard, and we almost won.

Otto felt blue after the game but reminded himself we are proud as peacocks, ’cause the Lady Tigers represent Bluffton.

Mental Attitude Award

Winner of the State Class 2A mental attitude award is Abby Salscheider!

There is an extensive section for the Bluffton Lady Tigers on the Parlor City Internet site. Maybe next year Our Tentative Times will have a reporter for sports.

Names of our players are Abby Salscheider, Lindsay Wolf, Christena Frauhiger, Rachel Miller, Heather Schlagenhauf, Abby Mowery, Jill Shanklin, Natalie Ballinger, Jaymie Garrett, Janette Robles, Leslie Schweikhardt, and Abbi Tuttle.

Support Ran High In Town

Local support for our Lady Tigers showed in the windows around town. The Norwest Bank was the first big display Otto spotted. Isch Gas and Soft Water urged "Don’t be soft on Southridge" and "Give ’em the Gas, Tigers." The Sugar Plum Tree said "No kidding, win state." Some of the windows are pictured above. More are below!

It’s hard to print backward on glass, and Otto wonders what people use to write on windows. Otto bought a product that was too thin to make good reading. It’s not something we needed much since 1911, when our last team went to the state finals.


Photo below

55 to 49, Bluffton Lady Tigers Beat Manchester

Thrilling! The Lady Tigers have won the semi-state title in Logansport, in class 2A basketball, sending them on to the final TWO at Market Square Arena on March 14. (The game is to be played in the first half of the tourney. As of 3-13-98, the estimated starting time is around 12:30 p.m. What I had read in an out of town newspaper was mistaken.)

Everyone is requested to wear red or black, no white shirts or tops for this historic ball game.

Coach Ron DeWitt felt that winning, after being down 40-28 at the end of the third quarter, showed courage and determination. This game was against the same Manchester team that beat Bluffton by one basket in the season opener. Be sure to grab a copy of Monday’s Bluffton News-Banner for full details and exultations.

The team they play is Southridge. Just for fun I wanted to figure out where it is. I know we play the final tournament game in Indy. Deb Miller found it on the internet, listed as in Huntingtonburg on U.S. Hwy 231. That isn’t on my map in the atlas, but there is a Huntingburg in DuBois county on Hwy 231. Wow, I hope Bluffton High School is easier to locate than that! Bluffton, atlas population given as 9020, and Southridge, population 5242, will both put their towns on the map, and both teams have 21-5 records.

Southridge is the consolidation of Holland and Huntingburg high schools.

The scouting report in the Journal Gazette said the Southridge team has a more balanced offense and has beaten #2 and #5 ranked teams in the state, but Bluffton has the leading high-scorer in the entire tournament (Abby Salscheider.)

Well, okay, Bluffton will just have to show the rest of the world how it’s done! Go Lady Tigers!

Guess you should check with HotCakes about what tee shirt you should get!!!! They had sold 800 tees by Friday morning, 3-13!

Peak Performer of the Week

Extra congrats to Rachel Miller for being picked the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s Peak Performer of the week, for her key free throws in the semi-finals and for her three three-pointers in the fourth quarter rally over Manchester.

Peak Performer Team of the week

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette also picked the Lady Tigers as the Peak Performer Team of the Week on March 13, 1998. They beat out Heritage boys basketball, winner of their first sectional ever; Columbia City boys basketball, who won their first sectional in 20 years, and Harding boys basketball who won their first sectional since 1985.

Previous Excitement

(Sectional🙂 Another championship, the first ever Bluffton Girls Basketball Sectional Championship! We are liable to get used to this! Wow, congratulations to Coach Ron DeWitt and his Bluffton Lady Tigers!

The South Adams Class 2A regional was a rout!

The Lady Tigers whomped Muncie Burris by a big 13 points, in that Regional on February 18th. Now it is ON TO SEMI-STATE!!!

Hotcakes will update your sectional champs tee-shirt to reflect this regional win. (Cost is only $2.00) If you didn’t get a sectional tee, get a regional tee on Wednesday March 4 at the Bluffton High School office.

Names of players are Abby Salscheider, Lindsay Wolf, Christena Frauhiger, Rachel Miller, Heather Schlagenhauf, Abby Mowery, Jill Shanklin, Natalie Ballinger, Jaymie Garrett, Janette Robles, Leslie Schweikhardt, and Abbi Tuttle.

We need sportswriters for this magazine. Each of these players is worth a story. Contact High school students, do you want to put this on your resume? Sports Editor Scott Miller will be photographing and reporting in detail the final game in Indianapolis for Our Tentative Times.


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