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No, this isn’t an official city page, it’s not stuffy enough, but it is part of the first page about the Bluffton Indiana area to go on-line. The foremother of all Bluffton pages.

Contents of this page

  • The Bluffton News-Banner
  • Bluffton, South Carolina
  • More about Indiana
  • Sportswriters needed, an Otto Opportunity!
  • Escape via the Bluffton Pages table.
  • Here’s a link back to Our Tentative Times cyberzine cover

The Bluffton News-Banner

he Bluffton, Indiana News-Banner is an extraordinarily fine newspaper, probably the best for a city this size. Jim Barbieri and his wife Barbara have traveled to many foreign countries and reported to us. They cover all the local news in perfect detail. And their hearts are in it. They win awards but should have even more recognition.

nother exec at the newspaper is George Witwer, who was selected to run for Lieutenant Governor here in Indiana! His wife Dianne Witwer has left the Caylor-Nickel Medical Center staff to join the newspaper. Maybe the Barbieri’s are thinking of retirement?? Will there be a new news dynasty?

ark Miller has recently joined the News-Banner as President and Publisher. George Witwer is Vice-President. Diane Witwer is Treasurer and Marketing Director, and Jim Barbiere is listed as Secretary and Editor. Fax is 219-824-0700, phone is 219-824-0224, and the mailing address is PO Box 436, Bluffton IN 46714. Mail subscription rates depend upon your contiguity. In a contiguous county, you pay $110.00 a year, but farther away you pay $120.00 per year (in Indiana) and if you are outside Indiana, you pay $135.00. Subscriptions are a good gift for students away at school, in the military or for retired folks.

ne long headline in Our city pages mentioned our new bypass and new sewer project. No other city could possibly have as much light shed on each of the projects as Bluffton does. Mr. Barbieri does not let a cent of our tax money go unnoticed. We are so lucky to be kept informed.

ur solid-waste district was controversial, and through education we were able to do something about that wastefulness. We need a new high school, apparently, and the newspaper keeps that issue topical.

ll the good causes receive publicity, and when we have a lively court case, it isn’t swept under the rug. The police and firemen are covered and praised. I can’t think of any aspect of running a town that isn’t covered in the News-Banner. There is no wheeling, dealing or secret agreement behind closed doors in Bluffton. At least not for long, because it will be publicized.

e’re grateful beyond words to Jim and Barbara Barbieri.

And now there is finally a website put out by the Bluffton News-Banner itself. I lobbied for it, my husband lobbied for it, and I hope they will link to Otto.

Any Other Blufftons?

re there any other Blufftons? My websearch has discovered Bluffton, South Carolina

elly Royce-Keefe in Missouri informed me that there is another Bluffton, this one in Missouri. His aunt is buried in this Bluffton though, and he goes to the Dutch Mill for chop suey whenever he comes to visit her grave. Well, he used to.

nd right next door to us is Bluffton, Ohio! I had forgotten. The gracious Jerry Kennell sent us some URLs for Bluffton College in Bluffton Ohio. He recommended the home pages of Lucia Unrau and John Estell, as well as the local library’s site, the bank and the hospital. I wish our hospitals would make wonderful websites here in "the other Bluffton," the one on the Wabash River. Thanks, Jerry.

local historian happened upon this gazetteering website:

He wrote

I remember reading one of your fine pages where you raised the question of other "Blufftons" .

This site lists

[The starred ones have post offices.]

  1. Alabama
  2. Arkansas*
  3. Arkansas has another Bluffton ( but without a Post Office)
  4. Florida
  5. Georgia*
  6. (Georgia has two other Blufftons without Post Offices)
  7. Indiana* (of course)
  8. Iowa
  9. Minnesota*
  10. Missouri
  11. Ohio*
  12. South Carolina*
  13. Tennessee, and
  14. Texas*

The listing at this web site appears to have additional listings that are duplications, based on the latitude/longitude given.

Locate Indiana

any people, especially overseas people on chats, ask me where Indiana is. We are south of Michigan, west of Ohio, east of Illinois and north of the beautiful Bluegrass State, Kentucky. We are home to Gene Keady’s Boilermakers at Purdue University, (pause to break into song),

Indiana State University

Ball State University

Notre Dame

Butler University in Indianapolis, DePauw in Greencastle, Wabash all-male bastion, Rose-Hullman, Tri-State, the University of Evansville (GO, ACES) and a great many other worthwhile institutions of higher learning.

understand that there are even some people who go to a Knight School down in Bloomington. You may also know us from our Indy 500 Mile Race.

Sports Writers Needed at Otto

TTO needs a person to write about IU sports, and I encourage all of you to be as partisan as you wish. Just talk about it as if we were sitting at the counter at the Snug.

e need people to write about Purdue sports, Ball State sports and Notre Dame sports too. It would be great to have a lively sports section in Otto.

ll the local sports need to be covered here too. Do I hear volunteers?


he requirement is to submit the copy by email as a .doc or .rtf file. If in WordPerfect, I have to have the exact version of WP before I can convert it.

n added bonus would be for you to run it through a spell checker program. I type very very slowly, so fixing spelling errors keeps me from doing anything else.

ere’s a great link for all the college URLs in Indiana, courtesy of the great and wonderful Purdue University.

normous thanks to our sponsor, Parlorcity Internet without which we would be silence and darkness.

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