At the House of Jazz & Blues, We Got The Rockin’ Pneumonia

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Roots Music at the House of Jazz & Blues

Live music,

Louisiana cookin’

and a dance floor too.

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Just the facts, ma’am?

Fort Wayne Indiana has an elegant new nightspot down on the Landing. It’s The House of Jazz & Blues, a trip to New Orleans without leaving the Hoosier state.

Dine on Louisiana cuisine prepared by chef "Dr. Tom" Barnes. Relax on the dusky mezanine or at the extensive old-fashioned wooden bar. Dance. Dance to the sounds of the best Jazz & Blues bands to be found, borrowed or stolen. Dance.

The address is 118 West Columbia Street, Fort Wayne, In 46802.

The phone number is (219) 422-5292

Every evening our favorite Brandon Paul Stewart is at the grand piano at 5:00 for your happy hour happiness. See if you know who he looks like…. Oh, he doesn’t play on Saturdays.

You can eat lunch at the House of Jazz & Blues now! It opens at 11:00 a.m. The menu includes a selection of wonderful appetizers: catfish bites, gumbo, salads, muffulettas, shrimp and veggie beignets, cold shrimp…. Chef Barnes took me into the kitchen where the smells were enough to make you beg for samples. Wonderful! The hot food’s hot; the cold food’s cold. The drinks are big. The staff is cheery. See you there, dawlin!

Did you know there is a chocolate Martini?? The House of Jazz & Blues serves a large one.

Rumor has it that there is a dressy dress code after 9 p.m. and that you must be 26 or older after 9 p.m. to gain entry. I haven’t tested that out.

The Blue Moon Boys band was the first band to establish the Wednesday night swing nights. The band is now moved to its own page. The Wednesday night swing nights are now moved to Pierre’s entertainment complex at Marketplace of Canterbury.

The crowd has been excellent, and there’s always room for more dancers. Any of the swing dancers will be happy to show you the way. They are even giving lessons on Wednesdays at Pierre’s before the band starts, thanks to 3 Rivers Dance Company. If you don’t swing dance, do your own thing; just get out there and move. Why go to a health club to work out? Dance it out.

Here are some scenes from recent Wednesday nights….

  The balcony affords a nice view of the dancing action. Someone should make a video from up there.

  Norm Rubino is a vocalist and percussionist with his own band called A Touch of Jazz. He and his wife Rita Cano enjoyed the Kelly Joy Orchestra one Wednesday night. Phone Norm here in Indiana at (219) 744-0842 or in Florida at (941) 629-7482.

Rita, besides being a mom, is a marketing consultant, calligrapher, wedding co-ordinator, photographer, floral designer and Holiday Cab administator. She can be reached at (219) 744-0842.

  This picture goes with a long story, too long to tell here, but this gentleman just flew in from London on the night of a Blue Moon Boys show at J&B.; He had had no sleep in way too long, yet he stayed until the last chord faded. He was a guest of the band Blue Suede Shoes. Have you seen them perform yet?

Local sweetheart and fine dancer Tom Tobey, in great 50s clothes, with fast-stepping Alyssa Schroeder — just two of the great people who used to make Wednesdays jump, swing and sizzle at House of Jazz & Blues. They’ll teach you if you like, but now you have to find all the lively people at Pierre’s. It will be a big challenge to make that huge venue as intimate as the House of Jazz & Booze was.

   Otto just had to share this ancient photo of Dani, Cindy and Alyssa at Rockabilly Rebel Weekend #4 in 1996. All three are big supporters of local music, and this snap could have been taken at the House of J&B; it just doesn’t happen to be from there.

House of Jazz & Blues’ own Candace with Jon Hartman, drummer of the Red Ball Jets.

On February 25, our home town honeys, the Red Ball Jets made their first appearance at the House of Jazz & Blues!! This wonderful high-energy band will always have you on your feet and will keep you happy all night long. Ok, it wasn’t their first gig, it was the first one at the House of Jazz and Blues. Sometimes it is hard to get all that into one sentence…. RBJ have been playing together since at least 1996, Otto thinks.

See Otto’s Red Ball Jets photos

last minute substitution saved the night!

The Riff Rockets were booked for March 11 (Hot hot band from Chicago.)

The Riff Rockets weren’t there ’cause they were snowed in in Chicago. Instead, we had the Kelly Jay Orchestra, and we were not inclined to welcome them. After a few tense moments, they won us over! This was a big event, because the joint was jumping, and the Kelly Jay Orchestra plays jump swing. We were a hard sell, and they sold us.

You can visit the Kelly Jay home page! You can go ahead and schedule this band for any rockin’ event, because they can kick out the jams.

   And here is the House of Jazz & Blues sign, after The Blue Moon Boys finished playing.

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