At Halloween, Music in Muncie Indiana

At Halloween, Music in Muncie Indiana

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Halloween on Walnut Street, Muncie Indiana

This page is a side trip from the mystery writers convention held annually in Muncie Indiana. Walnut Street in downtown Munice was once a pedestrian mall. Although cars can now drive through the street, it retains its ambiance as a sort of old-world village. In 1998, two new nightclubs opened and a third establishment was still celebrating its first anniversary. Come celebrate with us.

Doc Holidays

215 South Walnut

phone (765) 287-1267

(Their business card lists the phone as (765) 282-2760.) A large rock stage and club await the adventurous at Doc Holidays. Cold beer, hot food, a wonderful staff and owners who have their own rock band make for a lively evening out. Suggest to your favorite band that they send a demo or CD to Steve at Doc’s so we can all hear them play there.

   Steve is one of the owners of Doc Holiday’s. He is really nice too. That whole evening was awash in wonderful people. Please go down to Muncie and visit Doc Holiday’s and the other fun places on Walnut Street. Opening night featured Kindred Soul, Groove Monkey and Sludge Factory. They started too late for me to hear them.

Other November bands booked included Utopian Heights, Release, Swerve (from Indy), Conspiracy (from Chicago), Ravens Keep, Gun Metal Blue and Signal 80.

Dame Leo’s Blues, a Kafe with live blues

On the corner of South Walnut and West Charles, phone (765) 287-1396. Hours are 11 am – 3 pm and again from 7 pm to 11 pm. Delivery from 3:00 pm on.

Owner Denise Thomas Broyles went to New Orleans and loved it as much as I do. She came back and made her own blues club right here in Muncie. This kafe has healthy food, coffees, teas, couches to read on, live music, art to buy, recorded music during the day, windows to watch the world go by, and ambiance like you wouldn’t believe. This is a home away from home.

I was sick as a stray dog that weekend; Dame Leo’s fixed me sandwiches of white bread, mayo and avocado that were all I could eat all weekend. But for regular folks, there are healthy multi-grain breads, all sorts of veggies, salads, pastas, quiches, home-made soups, desserts…. a complete treat.

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Tuesday is a free jam session for musicians all day.

Wednesday, $1.00 open mic after 8:00 pm. All poets, singers, musicians, etc. are welcome.

Thursday free jazz.

Friday live bands; you pay just the cover charge.

Saturday ***free***, anything goes. All poets, singers, musicians, etc. are welcome.

   The Desert Magick belly dance troupe trooped through Dame Leo’s on Halloween night. The rest of the year, everyone dresses in everyday clothes. Be not afraid. Come in and find out the real story of Dame Leo.


You must catch Noon Blue Apples, shown here performing at Dame Leo’s. I was enchanted. I can’t wait to get them up to Crawfish Club, Eli’s, Legends, Peanuts, M.O.M.S., Borders, the Dash-In and wherever music lovers gather. Original and danceable…. wow.

The Heorot

Here’s the number one seller of Guiness in the state of Indiana. They welcomed me with open arms and let me take all the photos I could. (My camera quit on me.) The fee for Heorot’s costume party was $4.00 in costume or $20.00 without a costume (but I presume you had to wear something other than a birthday suit.)

You sit at trestle tables and schmooze with the college kids and music lovers who enjoy this unique pub. The bar is longer than the baseball season, with personable staff and lots to look at. On Halloween night we enjoyed a Celtic band that I hope to see in Fort Wayne soon. This band is made for toast & Jam and for Henry’s, definitely. From the first chord, you are toe-tapping and swaying (and hoisting a few.)




Miss B.B.’s Mojo

304 South Walnut, (765) 282-5368. Owner Alicia Ussery. Hours are Tuesday and Thursday 10 am -7 pm. Wednesdays, Friday and Saturday 10-am – 10 pm.

In Miss B.B.’s Mojo, you’ll find perfumes, oils, jewelry, books, bumper stickers and more, at reasonable prices. It’s homey, just the kind of store where you can take a break from stress. This is another establishment raising the quality of life in the inner city.

Club Dominion

Club Dominion, 309 South Walnut, (765) 284-3973 had a no-drum circle on Halloween. I missed it but I heard it from afar. Their email is

Private rentals available. All nights 18+ and $5.00 cover. Huge DJ variety. Coat check available (first time I ever saw that mentioned!)

I think some of their bands are download, Millenium, Necropolis, and Alchemy unless those are the names of the rooms. Nobody wanted to explain.

Ok, their brochure says: Friday nights: download: Electronica, Ambient, Trip-Hop, Acid-Chill.

Alchemy: Turn lead into gold… Drag Shows, Film Screenings, CD Listening Parties and more.

Saturday nights Millenium, Rave Dance Party: dark drum and bass; gabber; techno/house; aggrotech.

Necropolis: Industrial, Gothic, Dark/Coldwave.

You figure it out! I sure couldn’t.

Club Dominion was getting its act together for its grand opening on Halloween night. Although I had met the owner outside the store, it didn’t get me through the door. Guess I wasn’t wearing enough black, or there is an age cap. But here are some of the goths outside:

I lost all my email with your names…. please send the information again

   I called this shot Zoot Suit Corpse. Here are two members of the band on opening night at Club Dominion. If I can get a contact number, I hope to drag them up to Fort Wayne and get them on a double bill with Destination Detox. Please send names again.


Mucie’s equivalent of our WhatzUp? is jar, a free monthly entertainment tabloid with an attitude. jar says what I would say if I weren’t so inhibited, especially "Where the hell was everybody" when a good band goes unnoticed. jar has a mouth on it; it tells you what it thinks straight out. Some of the bands in the November jar are familiar to us in Fort Wayne: Mike Milligan, Fat Ass (drummah Jon Hartman’s punk band), Cigar Store Indians, The Beautys, The Why Store and Might As Well.

Harry Gaunt Jewelers

West Charles Street

If you get down to Muncie in the afternoon, you can look at the original jewelry designs at Gaunt Jewelers. Just down the side street from Dame Leo’s, this beautiful, unique shop even has its own tee shirt. That surely must be a first! Friendly, not intimidating…. I just happened to luck onto a gold heart-shaped ring for our wedding anniversary, to treasure forever. Joy!


Alley OOPs

115 West Charles Street

Hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 7 pm; Saturday 9 am – 4 pm.

Phone (765) 286-5505 or fax (765) 286-5521.

And if you want a quick snack earlier in the day, a new eat-in or carry-out restaurant called Alley OOPs has yummy choices. Their panini (grilled sandwiches) are delicious; soup, salads and fajita wraps are done just right, and breakfast features omelet panini or wrap, sausage gravy and biscuits, cinnamon rolls and toasted bagels. Toast your bagel with their aromatic coffees or brewed Luzianne tea. Cake, pie and brownies tempt you even when you aren’t hungry.

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