Artist Kenneth Kendall at the 1997 JAMES DEAN FESTIVAL

Artist Kenneth Kendall at the 1997 JAMES DEAN FESTIVAL

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Kenneth Kendall

Happy Birthday to Kenneth Kendall and Silvia Bongiovanni, both born on November 27th!!!!

Indiana University student Curt Whirl, active in Civic Theater, learns tips from actor Kenneth Kendall. This picture holds the essence of the Kenneth Kendall experience. Kenneth always makes you feel as if you are the only person in his orbit; he gives you his full attention. His answers are thoughtful and helpful. There are always new people who want to hear the stories that we love to hear.

Gallery staffer Heath shares a premiere moment with Kenneth, before Race With Destiny at the Eagles Theatre in Wabash. We also shared pizza on Tuesday night in Marion with Mr. Kendall. He had to go back to California to rest up from us.

(Photo credit: Carol Thailing of Highland Heights, Ohio.)

These postcards were gifts to each visitor at the open house. Mr. Kendall signed each one and visited with each fan. His signature is gorgeous. The Marion newspaper had a picture like this but three little girls were paying rapt attention to this artist. It would be cute to pair it with this picture. Thanks to Carol for the snapshot!

That woman in the pink hat finally got to pose with Mr. Kendall after she had bored him to sleep.

You are invited to an on-line showing of many paintings by Kenneth Kendall on this site.

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