Apron Show at Creative Arts Council

Apron Show at Creative Arts Council

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Apron Display by the Creative Arts Council

of Wells County, Indiana

The Creative Arts Council in Bluffton, Indiana, inspired by the book Aprons, by Joyce Cheney, hosted a crowd-pleasing apron show at their temporary quarters north of town.

All county residents were invited to bring in notable aprons for the display. The turnout was excellent, as was attendance.  Elizabeth Leonard’s apron collection provided the bulk of the show.





  One is a farrier’s apron, one is from a hardware store and yet more are from the historic Dutch Mill Restaurant, owned by Kenny Steffen.  It burned down several years ago. Some of these aprons had explanations with them.  Some were bought overseas, many were hand made and all of them were kept fondly by generations of "women in kitchens."

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