An Indiana Auction

An Indiana Auction

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Enjoy an Ellenberger Auction

One of the pleasantest things in life is attending an auction. In small towns, you see people you know and meet people from all over the United States. In May of 1999, Ellenberger Auctioneers of Bluffton (Wells County) and the Fort Wayne, Indiana area held an auction of teapots, model railroad cars, rescued architectural salvage, sad irons, furniture and accessories, with a flying pig for good measure. Enjoy these photos of an auction in Indiana. Get on Ellenberger’s mailing lists by calling (219) 824-2426.

      An old radio light, so you could see the knobs and dials.

See, you didn’t know you needed a pig on a pole until you saw it.

So many teapots, so little time…. But did you know that this was the fourth and final teapot auction for Mrs. Suman? I can’t imagine how many she must have collected over the years. It all started when Kenny Ellenberger talked her into bidding on two or three teapots at an auction long ago. How easily the collecting bug can bite you!

This historic display from the Princess Theatre in Portland, Indiana was bought by some good Portland folks who will donate it to the Jay County Historical Society. I kind of think this sold for over $2,000.

   Mr. Haab of Wells County celebrated his 91st birthday by coming to this auction and bidding quite successfully. His enjoyment perked up the whole crowd. He’s a fountain of history.

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