Actual Size, the Band

Actual Size, the Band

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Actual Size, the band

ROCK from 1970 to today

Actual Size plays mostly weekends around this area. The band is professional, high energy, talented and major fun. Otto caught them at Peanut’s in the Marketplace of Canterbury.


To book or inquire about Actual Size, phone (219) 486-2211. Tell them Our Tentative Times sent you, please!

Actual Size photos

Here’s Leigh Roberson, lead singer of Actual Size, in the fog from the smoke machine. This band is a knock-out. I wish I could hear them every week. The dancing crowd went wild. I thought the windows would blow out from all the energy on stage and on the dance floor. Actual Size empowers you!

Leigh Roberson with Gregg Conser.

Gregg Gernhardt with John Roberson behind him.

To me, Leigh’s face is the best example of women in rock, strong, feminine, good-humored and mischevous.

Jeff Degitz on drums…. the power behind the throne of the Empress Leigh.

John Roberson

Gregg Gernhardt

Gregg Conser

Leigh Roberson

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      20 August 1998