Acid Bath Pages, Dax Riggs

Acid Bath Pages, Dax Riggs

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Dax is a Daddy

Angela gave birth today, Sunday, June 25th at 3:30 p.m. Dax and Angie’s new son is named Sy Maximus Riggs. The baby boy weighs 10 pounds 4 ounces (exactly what his Uncle Jody weighed at birth.) Congratulations to Angie and Dax!

Dax Riggs

It’s no secret I’m Dax’s aunt Sandra. This is a tribute page to Dax.

Dax with his little bro Devin Blair from Evansville, Indiana, and big bro Jody down in Louisiana, workin’ on those rigs. Ah, Dax, no baby pictures, see? Devin Blair has his own page now!

Junior Rhoades

Hot hot rumor today. More than a rumor, in fact! Do you know a famous musician in Louisiana named Big Nick Rhoades? Did you know he has a little Rhoades, Little Nick?? Did you know that Little Nick is playing bass with Dax, Mike Sanchez, Jimmy Kyle and Sammy?

I’d also like to hear some keyboarding for a change. I love that. Hey guys, how about a sax and an upright bass too. Then I’ll put you on my roots music pages!

This is very encouraging news. I hope someone will send me a photo of Junior, which is what some people call Little Nick Rhoades. He’s not trying to copy Audie’s sound. He has his own sound, and it works. Send me anything about Little Nick. So all the rumors are pretty much confirmed. Looks like a third Acid Bath CD may be born.

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