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Red Ball Jets

Here are the pics to go with Otto’s little review on the main page, linked below.

This was really exciting, to see our guys up there on the stage at Pierre’s. I thought they would be excited to have all the fake smoke and those hundred spotlights. But oh-oh, they were dehydrating right before our eyes. They were suffering. I was sure they would cut it off after 12 songs, but they played at least 18 for us. You could see them wilting.

Here are all three of the Jets. Jon is behind his drums. Matt is jest a-settin’ and a-strummin, whilst Tom balances bravely on Matt’s much abused bass. Some day that sucker is gonna let go on those guys, and they’ll be pickin’ out splinters for a week. Ewwww, that sounds like a Mom talking.

The lighting crew showed no mercy. Part of the time they kept bright lights aimed into the eyes of the audience. Of course the sound level would raise the dead, but we all figured we must be having a great time. It was the birthday of the Red Ball Jet’s webmaster that night. The guys who do the website are major fans and are always welcomed at the shows.

Mattie’s tattoo meister, Jason Hart was there, photos to follow. Jason is at Wildman’s these days, here in Fort Wayne. Stop in and say hello. Lots of us hang there, that is if Wildman can stand it…. Full directions can be committed to memory on Jason’s sort-of Page

Here’s Jon Hartman singing Paralyzed, (the song, not Jon) on stage at Pierre’s. I think he’s using the drumset of the Skavossas.

Open letter to Jon,

Thanks for letting me shoot you before the show at House of Jazz and Blues on March 18. The pics will be better than when I try to get you during a set. Cross my heart.

Matt usually gets around to standing on his bass, to the great amusement of drummer Jon Hartman and the rest of us. Here’s a night at the House of Jazz & Blues, February ’98.

Tom Grant with his twin Gretches. Taken at House of Jazz & Blues, February 1998.

The many moods of Tom Grant. Here, Tom appears to have the blues. He cycles through a great range of emotion in an evening. Matt stands behind him and makes faces. They are both entertaining in their own way….

Here’s Matt playing at Rockabilly Rebel Weekend. This may have been the song he played before he proposed to Jenny on stage. (Tattoos by Jason Hart.)

Stunned, but able to say yes to Matt when he proposed up on stage, Jen shows off her engagement ring.

Red Ball Jets at Ribfest

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