49 Mercury Sedan for Sale

49 Mercury Sedan for Sale

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1949 Mercury Sedan for sale

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For all of you James Dean fans this is a 1949 Mercury that is nearly identical to the car in “Rebel Without A Cause” except this is a 4 door model with “suicide” doors of that era (the back doors open opposite to what we’re used to today).

This car is original except for a few items. Right now I’m running without the lakes pipes, spotlights, windshield visor, and wheel skirts.

It has a rebuilt flathead V8 engine with 3 speed overdrive transmission and offers 19 miles-per-gallon floating along at Interstate speeds while appreciating in value!  It is a blast to drive… and it is a driving car!

I’ve enjoyed it two long seasons and I’m willing to share that experience with someone else (I do have some other goals that I’d like to focus on), so I’d let it go for around $29,500 or so. I’ll donate a portion of the sales price to the Save Fairmount High School effort. 

If you are interested or curious, contact me via phone or email and I’ll fill you in. Contact Jim 616/299-3829 and leave a voice mail OR email me at dreambignow@hotmail.com

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Save Fairmount High School information is available at/dean/savehs.html

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