2005 James Dean Memorial Service at Park Cemetery

2005 James Dean Memorial Service at Park Cemetery


October 18, 2005   URL is www.tentativetimes.net/05memo/park.html


Yukiko Kobayashi flew in from Chiba,Japan, for this ceremony and was returning the next day.  She came in a taxicab from Marion, where she stayed the night.  There was also a limousine that brought 4 fans from China, according to the limo driver.  None of these facts are dead certain though.  (Please send names to editor@tentativetimes.net )

Eliza from Kalamazoo, Michigan,  shown here in a July 2005 picture, sang for us at the cemetery.  I thought it was a recording we were hearing, for I couldn’t see her in the crowd.  I thought no one could sing that beautifully.  I was wrong.  We were honored to have Eliza come down from Michigan to honor James Dean.


Celebrity speaker Christine White, middle, with friends.

This year’s weather was the best in memory.  Not a single cloud, no chilling wind, and no humidity to wilt us.

Author George Perry with his son,  (photo from  2004.)

Nicky Bazooka, who leads the march from Back Creek Friend’s Meeting to Park Cemetery,  brings the flowers that go atop Jimmy’s stone.  Nicky always wears black, but this year many more of us wore black for the Memorial Service.  I don’t remember a year with more black dresses.

Dr. Stephanie L. Shanks-Miele from Indiana University North in Gary, IN is researching James Dean’s lasting appeal for a forthcoming book! Reach her by e-mail at sshanksm@iun.edu

Charles Barnes from Massachusetts reads his poem and the lyrics he wrote to go with the theme song from James Dean’s East of Eden film. He has granted permission for me to print his offerings on-line. You can read his work on this deaners.net page

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